New Life, by ASVMR

𝑵𝒆𝒘 𝑳𝒊𝒇𝒆 ® is a new full-length and collaborative project by ₳§ᗐMR and friends, currently released via Vivarium Recordings with a physical version on the horizon. Featuring some top-notch collaborators like maggie.wav, V//Tomo, Soul▲Craft and many more – somehow this manages to be one of ₳§ᗐMR’s most focused and comprehensive projects to date. Never shying away from a unique concept to package sounds within – ₳§ᗐMR’s 𝑵𝒆𝒘 𝑳𝒊𝒇𝒆 ® is a full blown course in sonic self-actualization. Drawing a lot of influence from Dystopian Cyberpunk style while utilizing very abstract and creative interpretations of Vapor Trap and Alternative Ambient – at times pushing towards surreal Dreampunk and lush Synthwave. It’s a diverse and rich listening experience from top to bottom, and definitely one of my favorite releases by ₳§ᗐMR to date….

Download and Stream the album now – and keep an eye out for a physical release on September 18th via Pacific Plaza Records.

Gothic Tech [ RE-ViSiONED], by ASVMR

Originally released last year via Vivarium Recordings and written between 2017-2018 – Gothic Tech sees a rebirth in the form of a remastered edition on Holloway Tapes. Its lush cyberpunk dystopia sounds – thick with textural and atmospheric experimentation. The project carries a slightly dark tone – slightly lost with the reinterpretation of the artwork in my opinion, though it is a aesthetically pleasing design – the sound holds true to the Gothic namesake. Huge chambers serve as worshiping centers to the code of the rhythm and bass.

Happy to see this one get a re-release. Same as it ever was, but a little bit of polish on the exterior. Definitely worth visiting again if you’re familiar, and a perfect opportunity to dive into ASVMR‘s catalog…

Ambient Symphonies in the Cyberpunk Era, by Elastic Colors


Inspired by retro sci-fi soundtracks and the 80’s vision of cyberpunk culture, Elastic Colors has crafted a magnificent conceptual album “Ambient Symphonies in the Cyberpunk Era”. Released by Tokyo based label I Low You Records, it’s a bold and thick 14-track project – steeped in warm synths and fuzzy atmospherics.

After listening for a few tracks, it becomes apparent that something special is happening here. Of course all the melodies are sitting where they should, with very addicting riffs sparking up here and there, but it’s something churning under the surface that is triggering some nostalgiagasms.

Upon further inspection my suspicions were confirmed – as the producer utilized a unique technique of recording the entire album onto VHS tape before being mastered for release! The result is an incredibly warm and analogue experience, even when streaming the tracks through my browser I could feel the tape unwinding as the music played…

Some of my favorite tracks are the more ethereal and atmospheric ones – such as “Higher” – with the disjointed percussion and wandering synths, it sets an uneasy scene that’s only amplified with the detuned warped chords sweeping around you. It’s a wonderful and impressive marriage of sound design and post-vaporwave concepts.

Technically the album released October 10th, but you can download and stream the entire project via bandcamp right now! I hope this is a hit that perhaps a physical release will be incoming, but for now a digital edition is more than enough. Great for fans of soundtrack music, Emerald Web, Windham Hill or John Carpenter.

Resistance Fatigue, by TAXXESS


Texas Producer TAXXESS dropped this dense industrial-cyberpunk project back in December – It’s packed full of harsh buzzing drones, big beats and bizarre sonic abnormalities. Even with the diverse palette of destroyed sounds, there is a beautiful rhythm to each track, encouraging you to get lost inside….

Neon Demons, by Solarein

Released December 22, 2018

music & artwork:
vru patel

The VHS Chronicles, by Panaphonix


The VHS Chronicles by Panaphonix is a electronic freak-fest that was released towards the end of July by Welcome Beauty Sounds. This 10 track project showcases some serious weirdness under an umbrella of vapor tone. Heavy on the rhythms, this album is less about ambience as it is about wonked out future-funk beats. Panaphonix does a great job of keeping the listener interested from the beginning to the end, which for any artist is a job well done! You can stream or donate to download the album via Bandcamp.

Favorite Track : 3. Janet Trapson

Moving EP, by VOIA // Glass Islands


VOIA brings us this new EP with Glass Islands, a brief 3 minute journey with a very deep feeling. The project gains momentum and energy as the songs progress, with the first track drifting in ambient bliss leading to the third track with near-dancefloor rhythms and sultry vocals. Though short, it is a fantastic listen for a smokey evening or cruising around the neon nights…

Favorite Track: 2. Moving

The Eternal Dream System (Various Artists)

Incredible compilation commemorating Dream Catalogues 100th release. A truly amazing feat and an outstanding album to boot. The tapes are sold out for now, but they may re-print them, it is still available for download though!

A Heart Full Of Love, by DARKPYRAMID

Beautiful ambience, rolled up in a dreamy and well executed concept-album about android love.

AIR Japan – Tokyo Audio 3000

Really enjoying this release from Dream Catalogue, some very spacey tracks with interesting melodies….