Ambient Symphonies in the Cyberpunk Era, by Elastic Colors


Inspired by retro sci-fi soundtracks and the 80’s vision of cyberpunk culture, Elastic Colors has crafted a magnificent conceptual album “Ambient Symphonies in the Cyberpunk Era”. Released by Tokyo based label I Low You Records, it’s a bold and thick 14-track project – steeped in warm synths and fuzzy atmospherics.

After listening for a few tracks, it becomes apparent that something special is happening here. Of course all the melodies are sitting where they should, with very addicting riffs sparking up here and there, but it’s something churning under the surface that is triggering some nostalgiagasms.

Upon further inspection my suspicions were confirmed – as the producer utilized a unique technique of recording the entire album onto VHS tape before being mastered for release! The result is an incredibly warm and analogue experience, even when streaming the tracks through my browser I could feel the tape unwinding as the music played…

Some of my favorite tracks are the more ethereal and atmospheric ones – such as “Higher” – with the disjointed percussion and wandering synths, it sets an uneasy scene that’s only amplified with the detuned warped chords sweeping around you. It’s a wonderful and impressive marriage of sound design and post-vaporwave concepts.

Technically the album released October 10th, but you can download and stream the entire project via bandcamp right now! I hope this is a hit that perhaps a physical release will be incoming, but for now a digital edition is more than enough. Great for fans of soundtrack music, Emerald Web, Windham Hill or John Carpenter.

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