彡 ÅıཞᏋ ξξξξ, by Usagi Acid

Luscious atmospherics and hyperchill beats from the ever-ethereal Usagi Acid. Wandering between strange atmospheric rhythms, textural drones and stacks on stacks of dense surreal sonic imagery. Blissful and ambitious while remaining relaxed and content. So much diversity packed within 3 tracks it could almost drive you to madness! But alas, it does not – its a lush and supremely satisfying listen that has left me wanting more and more! Luckily you can explore the whole discography for a wealth of amazing creative projects.

The Lost Tapes, by Rei Low

Fresh and fascinating sounds from Rei Low, brought to us by the Holojamz crew – seemingly a collection of what might be considered *B-Sides* (please correct me if I am wrong). Rei explores many different styles and genres on this release which is to be expected from such a release – however the variety lends perfectly to the chaotic raw style presented, with the tracklist jumping around to showcase influences of hip-hop and jungle with a touch of vaportrap. If these were indeed “Lost Tapes”, b-sides or tracks that didn’t make other albums – regardless, I am glad Rei Low decided to package them up and release them for us, as it’s a very nice collection of sounds and worth listen.

Off the Goop! by Sloe

Off the Goop! is a full length album by producer Sloe – conceptual, experimental, and quite satisfying. Rooted in a fictional universe with strange creatures and mysterious purple goo, the project has quite the unique flavor beyond the artwork and concept. The sounds themselves are a splendid hybrid of wonky future beats, vaportrap and experimental electronics. Massively satisfying in so many ways from the slapping beats to the hazy melodies. Be sure to pick this one up on Bandcamp and support the artist – with the BC version featuring 3 bonus tracks, you’d be crazy NOT to!

maingot., by maingot.

The Rust Music presents a lovely Debut self-titled EP by maingot. – lush beatstrumentals with pure classic vibes. Big sounds throwing back to the early 2000’s channeling flavors of Dilla, boom bap and NYC hip hop – funky, dusty and deliciously downtempo. It’s lovely chillhop with just enough edge to set it apart – opting for more true hip hop flavors than timid “lofi beats to study to” style. Though these tracks will certainly fit in any playlist of the like, it’s refreshing to hear a more direct and oldschool approach to instrumentals. Looking forward to hearing what maingot. has for us next!

Perspectives, by Laffey

Lovely chill-hop beats for your mellow morning from producer Laffey. Brought to us by Inner Ocean Records – this 5 track EP smacks softly with delicious beats and intoxicating melodies. Some beautiful guitar and piano work here, lots of subtle treats to make you smile. Flow has got to be my favorite track for this reason – it’s got a perfect beat, peppered with sublime reversed guitar riffs, all sitting on top of the most mellow keys possible. Perfect listen for slow mornings or rainy nights…

Fresh Batch – October 7th, 2019


It’s a new month and time for a Fresh Batch! We have gathered some premium underground sounds for you this time, wrapping up the last of what September has to offer and looking into the spooky future of October! With Halloween themes and compilations on the horizon, we are sure to be treated to some dark sounds this coming season…


10/18 – Regime of Calm, by Cacero Lazo (Submarine Broadcasting Company) Experimental Ambient


Released by DMT Tapes FL
Beat Tape / Lo-Fi / Hip Hop

271-RSP, by matthew bertram
Released by Illuminated Paths
Lo-Fi / Ambient / Score

Outsource International (Various Artists)
Released by Eternal Vibes
Vaporwave / Eccojams / Post-Vapor

R e w i n d, by Flávio La Barre
Released by B O G U S // Collective
Chillwave / Vaporsynth / Synthfunk

Fix Me, by EchoDDT + TJ Max
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Synthwave / Synth Pop / Post Vaporwave

無限の中であなたと, by P U D E R P O L L I
Released by Æscape Sounds
Eccojams / Slushwave / Outsider Ambient

BLESS Vol.3 (Various Artists)
Released by Inner Ocean Records
Lo-fi Hip Hop / Chillhop / Beat Tape

Smoke Recitation, by Coppice Halifax
Self Released
Ambient Techno / Minimal / Dub Techno

Mistral, by Procedural Braindance
Released by Recycled Plastics
Experimental Techno / Glitch / Analog

memory allocation, by emotional intelligence
Released by night coverage
Signalwave / Outsider Ambient / Plunderphonics

命の息 (Breath of Life), by 汽≈
Released by Seikomart
Vapordrone / Dark Ambient / Deconstructed

新時代球体, by マクロドリンク
Released by Fireflower Foundation
Drone / Ambient / Vapordrone

Magicicada, by Gut Fauna
Released by Ingrown Records
New Age / Freak Folk / Experimental

I Am Death, by Princess Commodore 64
Released by Hairs aBlazin’
Dark Ambient / Experimental / Vapordrone

MELTED TEETH, by ☯STΔRMΣLTΞЯ☯ & မိန်းမတပိုင်းငါးတပိုင်းအံသွား
Released by B O G U S // Collective
Experimental / Noise / Drone


VEVARO, by Nkujarks
Abstract / IDM / Bass



Vivarium Recordings has been a powerhouse these past few months – churning out interesting electronics and vaporsounds from inspired artists – and this one is no exception. FRESH GHOST is a full-length experimental beat album by SELVEDGE that dropped towards the end of August. The 12 tracks boast a massive vibe of analog textures and pure energy. Buzzing bass and hissing synths pierce through the mundane blur of normal life – as you fall into a ghostly netherworld occupied by glitching spirits and noisy beasts!

Satisfyingly sloppy and raw, I adore this sound and look forward to more from SELVEDGE in the future – pick this one up today at name-your-own-price on bandcamp! Or support the label and get this one plus the whole Vivarium discography (24 RECORDS!?!) for only ONE DOLLAR (WUT>!>??!)

Fresh Batch – August 19th 2019


Now that we are back from a brief vacation and the dust has settled, it’s time to check out what’s been happening in the underground lately! No muss, no fuss, straight into the sounds…


8/23 – Lion Cuts by CDX (Doom Trip Records) – Synthwave 
8/23 – Abstractions by Untitledcloud (Tehnofonika Records) – Dub Techno
8/30 – By The River, by Valotihkuu (Hidden Vibes)


Virtua City Airport, by V ▲ P Y D
Self Released
Late Night Lofi / Eccojams / Vaporwave

Ursa Minor, by Your Dark Nate
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Vaporwave / Outsider Ambient / Future Funk

Summer’s Emotions, by Glory Patriot
Released by Tomorrow Entertainment Records
Mallsoft / Vaporwave / Plunderphonics

New World, by Luurel Varas
Released by Crash Symbols
Beats / Hip-Hop Instrumentals / Psychedelic

低い, by ~sohee
Released by Genjitsu Stargazing Society
Beat Tape / Lofi / Indie

ECCOJOINTS 2 _ CLONED P​.​I​.​M​.​P. , by o.s.░clone
Released by Illuminated Paths
Cloud Rap / Futurewave / Hip Hop

Wizard, by Neurolucifer
Released by New World.
Experimental / Lush / Synthwave

姦淫と死 Adultery&Execution, by 生須芳英 Yoshihide Namasu
Released by Engram Recordings
Experimental / Noise / Sound Art

Eccocyclus, by Steffi Starshine
Released by Fireflower Foundation
Drone / Outsider Ambient / Meditation

Fresh Batch – July 22nd, 2019


Happy Monday you sneaky goombas! We are back at it with a list of fresh curiosities! Not as thicc you say? PERHAPS! But the proof is in the pudding people, and this pudding is hot and ready for you! Lots of steamy vapor fresh off the roller, activate your 7-eleven app now for amazing rewards!


July 26 – Mellowtation, by &aute&rom (Millennium Jazz Music) Neo-Soul
July 26 – Home, by Storm Ross (Already Dead Tapes) Psychedelic


A Garden Everywhere You Go, by Birdspotter
Released by Z Tapes Records
Indie / Lofi / Bedroom Pop

Yeomyeong, by studio.weather
Self Released
Techno / Nature / Electronic

曇りperspective, by 主催者sponsoredby
Released by BOGUS//Collective
Vaporwave / Funk / Lounge

𝔾𝕠𝕕𝕕𝕖𝕤𝕤, by ᔕᙡᓮᙢ ᔕᗢᘎᒪᔕ
Released by Business Casual
New Age / Synthwave / Post Vaporwave

Universal Healthcare, by ⊛ われらは平和に来る≌≟ SUNSHINE STATE SECURITY
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Lofi Funk / Vaporwave / Outsider Ambient

From Dust To Space, by Dusty Shape & Space Scavengers
Released by Cold Tear Records
Dub Techno / Electronic / Ambient


Our Label branch – WEBELOTRAX – recently released projects:

Rainbow Smooth Remixes, by Ohsaurus & Friends
Bass / Electronic / Experimental

Alexi Ayres – Tsuki no Usagi [月の兎]

Fresh Batch – July 15th, 2019


Hello music lovers, it’s a pleasure to see you again as always. Summer is in full swing it seems, made very clear by the sounds emanating from the scene. Warm melodies and relaxed energy, something I like to call mellowhype – a calm vibe that is somehow packed full of excitement! Whether you need some poolside chill or something tasty for your next BBQ, there’s plenty of new sounds to suit your needs…


July 19 – Krakatoa, by Fahmi Mursyid (Cudighi Records) Electroacoustic
July 19 – Wildlife, by Warmth (Archives) Lush Ambient
July 26 – Lift, by Supply Fi (Triplicate Records) Experimental Electronic
August 23 – Paths, by Darren Harper (Shimmering Moods Records) Ambient
September 2 – Visitors, by Edit Select (Self Released) Atmospheric Techno


Dreamland EP, by Zakku
Released by Seikomart
Future Bass / Chiptune / Experimental

Alive in Leeds and Sheffield, by Bing Satellites
Self Released
Ambient / Shoegaze / Live

Bieszczady, by Docetism
Released by Nichts
Field Recording / Ambient / Lush

Distance, by Tender H
Released by Cold Tear Records
Dub Techno / Electronic / Atmospheric

22nd Century Music Genre Index, by Seafoam Xpresso
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Lofi / Vaporwave / Future Funk

The Journey EP, by Mecca:83
Self Released
Beats / Chillhop / Lofi

Vintage Software Synthesizer Library, by other_Format
Released by Recycled Plastics
Acid / Electronics / Braindance

Self Titled, by ya mai mo
Released by White Paddy Mountain
Lofi Rock / Folk / Indie

Now, by Baphomet Nothing
Released by Girly Girl Musik
Experimental / Modern Classical / Drone

The Scientist / Electric Feeling [PLUS], by Nova Dive
Released by Illuminated Paths
Post-Vaporwave / Lofi Beats / Electronic


Our Label branch – WEBELOTRAX – recently released projects:

Hikikomori, by ASVMR
Bass / Electronic / Experimental