Fancy Feast (blue label), by Fester’s Quest

Brought to us by the ever-amazing Bogus Collective, we have a lovely full-length classic vaporwave album by Fester’s Quest titled FANCY FEAST (blue label). Now – was I attracted to listen to this album simply because there was a cat on the cover art? Yes. But as anticipated the sounds within are clever and enjoyable – utilizing a very classic and traditional flavor of vaporwave, FQ takes the listeners hand gently and guides us through the fuzzy haze. The project is overwhelmingly instrumental, lacking the pitched-down and chopped vocals one would expect in such vaporsounds – instead opting for melodies and riffs on the guitar. The result is quite nice, making this record great for background listening where you want just a little more interesting flavor in your ambience.

You can download the album now at Name-Your-Own-Price via BC’s Bandcamp page, or visit Fester’s bandcamp to explore further and support the artist directly!

Mammal Functions, by Frostower

Delicious and thoughtful Lofi House and Experimental Techno from the mind of Anthony Pandolfino under the FROSTOWER alias. Overwhelmingly nice energy here in my opinion, with 5 tracks exploring the different sonic possibilities of deconstructed electronics, fuzzy tones and overall raw energy. In fact the very nature of the sounds are almost punk – leading this to be possibly a better representation of the what “Dreampunk” could mean as a genre and a sound. Ambient-Punk? I am sure you can come up with a hundred genres to pin on this style, but it’s pure satisfaction for me. The energy combined with the lo-fi grit, the subtle atmosphere built within each track – it’s all very hypnotic and almost addictive, as I find myself playing this one top-to-bottom on repeat. Grab the digital album now via bandcamp at name your own price – and be sure to explore the other aliases and offerings from Anthony Pandolfino via Mystic Timbre!

Merak Holograms, by bliss3three

Truly blissful new sounds from the gang at Vivarium Recordings – Merak holograms is a 2-track project by bliss3three of quite pleasing ambient-vaporwave experiments. Starting melodic and meditative with ‘eremocene music’, an 11 minute mellow epic that deserves to be on repeat – leading into ‘hygge’ – a much shorter creation focusing on a few very peculiar yet satisfying riffs. Taking less than 15 minutes to experience, I encourage you to explore this microcosm!

rest, by nuages

Rest – something that a lot of us are familiar with right now, i’m sure. Thankfully we have wonderful artists like nuages to breathe some energy into our routines. These emotional and reflective 3-tracks remind us that it is okay to take a break, rest our mindsets and intentions back to some sort of equilibrium. Soothing melodies caress the compositions, as downtempo rhythms carry the tracks towards completion. It’s a very relaxing listen, with subtle touches of melancholy that I adore so much adding a pleasant emotional depth to the project. I found myself listening to this one over and over again, so I simply had to share it…



Vivarium Recordings has been a powerhouse these past few months – churning out interesting electronics and vaporsounds from inspired artists – and this one is no exception. FRESH GHOST is a full-length experimental beat album by SELVEDGE that dropped towards the end of August. The 12 tracks boast a massive vibe of analog textures and pure energy. Buzzing bass and hissing synths pierce through the mundane blur of normal life – as you fall into a ghostly netherworld occupied by glitching spirits and noisy beasts!

Satisfyingly sloppy and raw, I adore this sound and look forward to more from SELVEDGE in the future – pick this one up today at name-your-own-price on bandcamp! Or support the label and get this one plus the whole Vivarium discography (24 RECORDS!?!) for only ONE DOLLAR (WUT>!>??!)

Healers Paradise, by Healers co.


Really enjoying this psychedelic experimental work from Healers co. – Healers Paradise is an inspired flourish of raw creativity. The project takes on many media forms – Digital Audio Album, Cassette Tape and Visual Album cover the spectrum of senses from sound to sight to touch, allowing Healers co. to explore some thick and satisfying world-building.

The style meanders somewhere between desert dwelling peyote psychedelics and some sort of rooftop drone experiments acting as a cyberpunk prayer to future gods. A fantastic balance of electric noodlings and acoustic sounds. Pick up a Tape, or enjoy however you wish…

Aereo by S.a.x


Fresh from netlabel is this lush and soulful vaportape Aereo by S.a.x

Fantastic samples with a thick aesthetic and atmosphere, Aereo harnesses intoxicating riffs that leave you begging for more. It’s easy to imagine yourself soaring at a comfortable altitude, your swagger increased by the incredible amount of cocktails you’ve consumed. It’s a wonder the flight attendants haven’t cut you off yet, but that is the American Dream, isn’t it…..

Fresh Batch – August 19th 2019


Now that we are back from a brief vacation and the dust has settled, it’s time to check out what’s been happening in the underground lately! No muss, no fuss, straight into the sounds…


8/23 – Lion Cuts by CDX (Doom Trip Records) – Synthwave 
8/23 – Abstractions by Untitledcloud (Tehnofonika Records) – Dub Techno
8/30 – By The River, by Valotihkuu (Hidden Vibes)


Virtua City Airport, by V ▲ P Y D
Self Released
Late Night Lofi / Eccojams / Vaporwave

Ursa Minor, by Your Dark Nate
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Vaporwave / Outsider Ambient / Future Funk

Summer’s Emotions, by Glory Patriot
Released by Tomorrow Entertainment Records
Mallsoft / Vaporwave / Plunderphonics

New World, by Luurel Varas
Released by Crash Symbols
Beats / Hip-Hop Instrumentals / Psychedelic

低い, by ~sohee
Released by Genjitsu Stargazing Society
Beat Tape / Lofi / Indie

ECCOJOINTS 2 _ CLONED P​.​I​.​M​.​P. , by o.s.░clone
Released by Illuminated Paths
Cloud Rap / Futurewave / Hip Hop

Wizard, by Neurolucifer
Released by New World.
Experimental / Lush / Synthwave

姦淫と死 Adultery&Execution, by 生須芳英 Yoshihide Namasu
Released by Engram Recordings
Experimental / Noise / Sound Art

Eccocyclus, by Steffi Starshine
Released by Fireflower Foundation
Drone / Outsider Ambient / Meditation

Fresh Batch – August 5th 2019


It has arrived! Is it still fresh?! Perhaps! Is it still a batch? Most definitely fam! Here is the space where I had planned to ramble and rant about a certain topic – but seeing as we’re already behind schedule I am going to go ahead and push that to next week. Please enjoy this collection of recently released underground music!


8/8 – Aeon by Arovane & Mike Lazarev (eilean rec.) Modern Classical
8/9 – Everything Special, by Alan Morse Davies (Girly Girl Musik) Psychedelic
8/9 – Rituals by Corre (Henry Green Music) – Indie Ambient
8/23 – Lion Cuts by CDX (Doom Trip Records) – Synthwave


Earth View Suites, by Chichilcitlalli
Released by BOGUS // Collective
Vaporwave / Mallsoft / Plunderphonics

〜になる, by from tokyo to honolulu
Released by Gulf Audio Company
Lofi / Chillhop / Post-Vaporwave

3 A.M. Compilation
Released by Dark Web Recordings
Vaporwave / Dark Ambient / Lofi

Green Panther EP, by Panthera 95
Released by Illuminated Paths
Lofi / Experimental / Beats

Down By The Poolside, by Pashmina Fox
Self Released
Electronic / Synthwave / Electro Pop

“​?​” letter, by メトロノリ Metoronori
Released by Cudighi Records
Experimental / Electronic / Chill

Live on KFFP, Freeform Portland Radio, by Kevin Greenspon
Self Released – Live radio broadcast from 2018
Dub Techno / Minimal House / Electronic

Plateau, by Outside the Glitch
Released by Wormhole World
Experimental / Ambient / Atmospheric

Fresh Batch – July 29th 2019


We’re late we’re late, for a very important date! Such large apologies for our Fresh Batch delay – some sudden situations got in the way – but we got there in the end!

Its a hearty one this time, get your largest soup spoons out for maximum sonic shoveling! Wander down our healthy list of suggestions, lots of great new vaporwave and experimental electronics happening this past week, and these are just a few highlights…


8/2 – Plateau by Outside the Glitch (Wormhole World) Experimental Ambient
8/8 – Aeon by Arovane & Mike Lazarev (eilean rec.) Modern Classical
8/9 – Rituals by Corre (Henry Green Music) – Indie Ambient
8/23 – Lion Cuts by CDX (Doom Trip Records) – Synthwave


Amphibious, by Manila Ice
Released by BOGUS // Collective
Vaporwave / Post-Seapunk / Experimental

L O V E S I C K, by Oracle FM
Released by Gulf Audio Company
Vaporwave / Vaporfunk / Electronic

Voyeur, by Lust Luxure
Released by Seikomart
Lo-fi / Vaporwave / Downtempo

Halcyon Days, by 4T Thieves
Released by Illuminated Paths
Electronic / Chillwave / Experimental

Geo Rip @ Rhizome 7.5.19
Released by U-Udios
Experimental / Techno / Live

of flame & love, by LILLITH twin
Released by Dream Catalogue
Experimental / Electronic / Avant-Garde

Nectarine, by Dublock
Self Released
Ambient / Electronic / Longform

Kaleidoscopic Perception, by Steffi Starshine
Released by Girly Girl Musik
Vapordrone / Dark Ambient / Psychedelic


Our Label branch – WEBELOTRAX – recently released projects:

For Seasons, by vvglyy
Techno / Acid / Experimental Electronics