Fresh Batch – June 2022

Welcome back to the Fresh Batch, music lovers! We return with our monthly new-music column absolutely packed with phenomenal sounds.

With summer coming fast and furious (stay cool out there, folks!), we’ve rounded up a selection of lovely summertime releases. Dig in, swim around and enjoy…

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Fresh Batch – July 2021

Hello, music lovers!

This month we find ourselves unintentionally focused on the more experimental side of things.

When it comes to music, experimenting can take many forms. It becomes a very broad umbrella terms for sounds that are created with “less-than-commercial” intentions.

Experimental does not necessarily mean complex. Nor does it mean the sounds need to push the boundaries of creation. While these things commonly happen simply given the nature of experimenting, they are not necessary conclusions.

To experiment with music means to create without boundaries or limits. To create with self-satisfaction as the only goal in mind. Creating and manifesting sounds that provide pure pleasure to the creator, and sometimes the listener as well…

At least that’s the definition we follow here!

How do you feel about the experimental process in music and art? Do you find it makes the underground landscape less accessible, or perhaps more interesting? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you…

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Fresh Batch – June 2021

Hello, sweet lovers of music!

Last month had some seriously wonderful drops, and the beat goes on!

The amount of music that is created, released and distributed nowadays can be as breathtaking as it is overwhelming. It’s a constant challenge to keep an open eye, ear and heart for new voices in sound.

Whenever I get overwhelmed, I always remind myself of the days when I was younger and it was much more difficult to discover new music. Scraping the various tags and underbellies of websites like myspace and purevolume – to find people pursuing their creative goals with a DIY spirit…

Fast forward! We really are in an amazing era with incredible tools to create, curate and share to a massive audience, which is inspiring in itself! It’s casual thoughts like this that propel me forward.

Anyway, I have rambled enough! Without further delay, enjoy this months FRESH BATCH!

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Fresh Batch – May 2021

Hello, gorgeous music-loving folks!

It is that time again….

April brought us a wealth of excellent new sounds.

Things tended to trend on the “Cozy” side this past month – whether grounded in ambience, bedroom pop or some other genre – producers and musicians found themselves harnessing the pleasant rather than the problematic.

Without further delay, enjoy this months FRESH BATCH!

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Fresh Batch – March 2021

Hello, lovely and beautiful people!

We are cutting through the noise this month, bringing you a heaping-helping of new music!

Forget the drama, throw on your best headphones or crank up those speakers, it’s time to discover some fresh sounds….

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Fresh Batch – February 2021

Well HELLO there readers! It certainly has been a while since we had one of these!

We are very pleased to announce the return of the FRESH BATCH – a monthly roundup of the freshest and finest sounds from the underground!

The goal of the FRESH BATCH is to provide a one-stop shop for some quality music. Too busy to browse through Bandcamp tags or thumb through your social media feeds?! We got you.

Thanks to our over 6 years of experience combing through labels, collectives, blogs, PR blasts and pure curiosity – we collect interesting and inspiring sounds every single month – trim the fat and hand deliver it…..FRESH.

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Fresh Batch – April 13, 2020

With many of us approaching one-month in isolation, it is nice to see the fruits of labor starting to surface. Bandcamp is thick with new projects from artists all over the world. Inspired by, or perhaps in spite of solitude, creativity is flourishing regardless the reason! Time to click play and bask in some magnificent creations…


4/23 – Healing Lullabies, by Heavenchord (spclnch) Ambient Techno

recovery girl (Deluxe Edition) (Orange Milk Records) IDM

5/5 Self Fulfilling Prophecy, by MCBN (Social Harmony) Beat Collage


Hypomnesia, by Diskette Park
Self Released
Slushwave / eccojams / Future Funk

CLEAR SKIES 第1巻, by Life Network
Released by Vivarium Recordings
Experimental Vaporwave / Lofi / Slushwave

Daily Haikus, by Aetuun
Released by Illuminated Paths
Lofi / Experimental / Vaporwave

幸運, by 𝙳𝚒𝚐𝚒𝚝𝚊𝚕 𝙰𝚞𝚝𝚒𝚜𝚝
Released by Tomorrow Entertainment Records
Vaporwave / Lofi / Mallsoft

Virtual Distance, by Various Artists
Released by Section 9
Experimental / Post Vaporwave / Compilation

The Art Of Whisper, by Wonderful Beasts
Released by Wormhole World
Experimental / Chillout / Electronic

Green Horizon / Hiki split EP
Self Released
Shoegaze / Post-Rock / Dream Pop

Side 2, by The Neverending Trio
Released by Ingrown Records
Experimental / Jazz / Psychedelic

Particulate, by Vimana Aircraft
Released by DaP Station
Lofi / Psychedelic / Beats

Too Stupid to be Anxious, by Shifted
Released by Avian
Techno / Experimental / Lofi

Air, by Naph + Chihei Hatakeyama
Released by White Paddy Mountain
Ambient / Drone / Electro Acoustic

Lost in Time, by Kowalski Room
Self Released
Atmospheric / Chillout / Ambient


INTENCOJ, by Nkujarks
Experimental Electronic / IDM / Dark Ambient

Fresh Batch – April 1, 2020

Happy April music lovers! No fools around here, simply a thick collection of recently released greatness along with some wonderful things to look forward to. Let the music speak…


4/3 – Dance Alone, by Sraunus (Self Released) Dub Techno

4/10 – Complete Silence: Dream Music – 完全な沈黙: 夢の音楽, by LYNXX (Self Released) Drone

4/22 – Memento Mori, by Tripswitch (Section Records) Downtempo Electronica

6/5 – Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face, by END (Self Released) Metalcore


D A Y 3夜0バ3ツ0 D R E A M, by パラ D A I S U シ
Released by Seikomart
Vaporwave / Experimental / Plunderphonics

Lo Ingobernable, by Casi Todos Las Males
Released by Dreamshore Tapes
Beats / Synthwave / Shoegaze

Released by What Now Becomes
Microhouse / Experimental Electronic / Downtempo

Free Information, by 2031 FL-DROID
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Vaporwave / Future Funk / Outsider Ambient

Praseodymium / Pleasure Response
Self Released
Electronic / Downtempo / Synthwave

蒸気の夢, by Seffi Starshine
Released by Fireflower Foundation
Ambient / Vapordrone / Meditation

udontexist / Ain’t About That, by 4TUNE
Released by Sound Museum
Drum & Bass / Experimental Bass / Halftime

Look Into The Fire, by M00NofS0rr0W
Released by Hairs aBlazin’
Dark Ambient / Experimental / Alternative Vaporwave

Grove, by 08風
Released by No Problema Tapes
Ambient / Experimental / Meditation

Grinding, by Dong Zhou
Released by Engram Recordings
Noise / Experimental / Electroacoustic


INTENCOJ, by Nkujarks
Experimental Electronic / IDM / Dark Ambient

Fresh Batch – March 11th, 2020

Boom! Selections! All over the world folks are pumping out incredible compositions and projects – as always it’s tough to keep up, but we’re doing out best! Please enjoy this selection of recently released excellence – the best of the best for whatever the reason – along with some goodies on the horizon to look forward to…


3/17 – Tabernacle Takeover, by Gaddy (The Rust Music) Bass

3/20 – Beyond the Time Barrier Travelers, by Adult Human Band (Already Dead Tapes) Experimental

4/8 – Ultraviolet Radiation, by Feral (HYPNUS Records) Atmospheric Techno

4/10 – Plant Lab, by Plant Lab (Crash Symbols) Psychedelic


AIR DRIVE LP, by Zwansound
Released by Girly Girl Musik
Experimental Ambient / Dreampunk / IDM

Alienomy, by Low Orbit Satellite
Self Released
Techno / Acid / Electronic

φ​-​2, by LUSTER-φ
Released by xo-archives
Experimental Techno / Longform / Electronics

ソリス博物館, by Telenights
Released by Seikomart
Ambient Vaporwave / Dreamwave / Experimental

火星情緒, by 火星情緒
Released by Illuminated Paths
Ambient Vaporwave / Eccojams / Lofi

Slow Dubs Vol.1, by Mystic Fyah
Released by INFINITA
Dub Techno / Downtempo / Ambient Dub

Filtered Artifacts III, by Coppice Halifax
Self Released
Ambient Techno / Dub Techno / Deep House

Mínimo EP, by Sacha Rush
Released by Kopoc Label
Dub Techno / Electronic / Minimal

split, by Lather/BBJr
Released by Personal Archives
Improvisation / Harsh Noise / Experimental

Jungle Boogie, by Ten Atmospheres
Released by NO PROBLEMA Tapes
New Age / Ambient / Field Recording

Amongst The Sakura Trees, by Sebastian Paul
Released by Shimmering Mood Records
Ambient / Drone / Chillout

Atmos, by Hidden Valley Logging Company
Released by Lillerne Tapes
Lo Fi / Atmospheric / Ambient


INTENCOJ, by Nkujarks
Experimental Electronic / IDM / Dark Ambient

Fresh Batch – February 25th, 2020


February has is coming and going at a brisk pace per-usual, but that has not stopped many producers and artists taking advantage of this strange season to push magnificent new releases. 2020 is trending with huge atmospheres and forward thinking composition, with exciting sounds coming from every direction…


3/9 – Skin to Skin, by Sabriel’s Orb (Inner Islands) Ambient

3/13 – The Devil Defeated, by Darko The Super & Steel Tipped Dove (U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art) Hip Hop

4/24 – Hexose, by Sunken Foal (Coundersunk) Electronica


Legacy Media, by Unaired Sitcom
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Alternative Vaporwave / Nostalgia / Ambient

Endless, by Zuwe
Released by Seikomart
Ambient / Electronic / Naturewave

Peachy, by Abdersta and Azuresands大麻
Released by power_lunch corporation
Vaporwave / Future Funk / Plunderphonics

12 Parsec, by Dott Santafeo
Released by Kopoc Label
Dub Techno / Electronic / Ambient

A Serene Sky and Clear Air / $T∆3IL
by Dublock / Trium Circulorum
Released by Trium Circulorum
Dub Techno / Atmospheric / Bass

Enigma, by Ovoid
Released by The Rust Music
Bass / Downtempo / Psychedelic Dubstep

Released by Sleep Is Commercial
Dub Techno / Deep House / Ambient Techno

Each Of Us Was Several, by Various Identities
Released by Engram Recordings
Experimental Ambient / Dream Pop / Improvisational 

Virtual Ballet, by Sent Down Girl
Released by No Problema Tapes
Experimental / Soundscape / Sound Collage

SHAM, by Kid Mania
Released by Girly Girl Musik
Broken Transmission / Experimental / Sound Collage

‘Oumuamua, by shnozberry fields
Experimental / Post-Internet / Eccojams


The Void, by Awze
Electronic / Future Bass / Downtempo