Fresh Batch – July 2021

Hello, music lovers!

This month we find ourselves unintentionally focused on the more experimental side of things.

When it comes to music, experimenting can take many forms. It becomes a very broad umbrella terms for sounds that are created with “less-than-commercial” intentions.

Experimental does not necessarily mean complex. Nor does it mean the sounds need to push the boundaries of creation. While these things commonly happen simply given the nature of experimenting, they are not necessary conclusions.

To experiment with music means to create without boundaries or limits. To create with self-satisfaction as the only goal in mind. Creating and manifesting sounds that provide pure pleasure to the creator, and sometimes the listener as well…

At least that’s the definition we follow here!

How do you feel about the experimental process in music and art? Do you find it makes the underground landscape less accessible, or perhaps more interesting? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you…


7/28 – Abyss, by Bird o10c (Illegal Alien Records) Psychedelic Ambient

9/10 – VACUUM, by Poltrock & de Roover (Consouling Sounds) Immersive Experimental


Aurora, by Mori Mori
Self Released
Modern Classical / Experimental / Ambient

Pushing boundaries of ethereal ambience and potent sound art, Aurora is dense with realized concepts and brutal emotions. Overwhelming in the most beautiful, thought-provoking way imaginable…

Released by OK ULTRA Records
Acid / Breakcore / Experimental Techno

Massive, pulsing underground energy in this one! The World Behind Our Eyelids is a chaotic place indeed, close your eyes and prepare your neck for serious head-bopping!

The Bold Resolve, by Vylter
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Vaporwave / Chillwave / Experimental

A playful yet introspective collection of short-form tracks, dense with unique chopping and rhythms coated in yummy synths and samples…

Mixxx xxiM <3motions pt2, by waavypanda
Self Released
Lofi / Ambient / Post Vaporwave

Humble lofi ambience that is absolutely marinated in nostalgia. Emotional and expansive while getting a little moody at times.

Digital Memories from a Suspended World, by Silvia Cignoli
Self Released (Soundtrack)
Ambient / Post Rock / Dream Pop

Contemplative and immersive post-rock from guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Silvia Cignoli – serving as a soundtrack to a documentary “Close to Distance”, which tells the tales of the life of Italian women during the covid crisis lockdown.

Brûle, by Chabanel
Self Released
Experimental / Sound Art / Musique Concrète

Both beautiful and emotionally devastating – Gabriel Sasseville-Jolicoeur and Jordan Torres Bussière have crafted a dense, sprawling metropolis of sound that’s worthy of exploration.

Paradise, Inc., by no29
Released by Vivarium Recordings
Ambient / Post-Vaporwave / Brone

Expanding the catalog of one of my newest favorite subgenres – no29 grants us this phenomenal 5 track ‘Brone’ masterpiece that is bursting with haunting nostalgia. Plus a collab with Bro Biden? Sign me up and say no more!

Box Set No. 1, featuring:
Pacemaker, by Derek Smith
In A Second It Won’t Be There, by Course Correct
Exquisite Corpse II: Reckoning, by Salem Soundwaves/Dirt Burp
Released by WOLVES Records
Experimental / Ambient / IDM

Quite a massive project with uncompromising delivery. 3 tapes showcasing a lovely breadth of style through noise experiments. Pacemaker resonated particularly well with me, but each album has it’s own charm.

Out of Organic, by (sona) formo
Released by Engram Recordings
Harsh Noise / Experimental / Sound Art

Pure sonic shredding and harsh sound experiments! Featuring heavily glitched, distorted and destroyed digital signals, thrashed and bashed in a way that will have you headbanging for more.

Subliminal Physiognomy, by Hootie the Sailor
Released by Vivarium Recordings
Plunderphonics / Found Sound / Post-Vaporwave

Impressive plunderphonic and found-sound collages. Lots of broken beats stuttering around fragmented dreams, fueled by the near osmosis method of late night television absorption.

Now Available on Webelotrax

A Distant Mirror, by Lunar Cambridge
Chillwave / Synthwave / Lofi

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