Synergy, by Isamesu

Psychedelic ambient music that has been soaked in absinthe and distortion for a fortnight



Encounter Vast, by Bro Biden

“Descending into brilliant ecstasy with this one – lush, dense and vibrant. Impressive to say the least, quite unique and satisfying hybrid of post-vaporwave and experimental ambient with a touch of industrial noise”


Moist Jazz, by TEEN SMOKING

Synths flicker with lo-fi charm, poised against churning atmospherics and occasional flourishing rhythms and melodies…

Flow State, by Zvrra

“…fresh and exciting whilst staying true to its minimalist hypnotic essence…”


Selected Brobient Works, Vol. 1

“…an atmosphere of mysterious dankness, wrapped up and delivered hot-and-ready to your earholes via drone delivery….”