Twenty Twenty, by Congregation of Drones

Beautiful off-kilter modern classical from the duo of violinist Pauline Kim Harris and experimental producer Jesse Stiles together as Congregation of Drones.

This 4 track epic is packed with electroacoustic wandering, sonic exploration and drone studies. The densely populated songs take their time making their presence known and settling in, like a friendly poltergeist.

Anyone who reads EternityTree knows that I am a sucker for electro-acoustics – when producers fuse together the ethereal world of ambience with the very tangible and visceral acoustic realm. Bitcrushed pads encircle the listener while scraping and plucking strings push the sonic movement ahead.

Jesse leaves plenty of room for his counterpart to breath and explore the possibilities of a violin – often eschewing traditional viewpoints for more skewed and experimental phrases. Crisp and sharp at times, soft and wholesome at others, perfectly balancing presence between melody and rhythm.

Twenty Twenty is named after the year it was recorded, releasing 2 years later. With a digital edition dropped along side a sleek double-LP, this one deserves a place in your collection.

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