Veiled Witch Dies In Illusion, by Backwire

Chilled and soothing sound experiments from British Colombian producer Backwire.

Coined as “A collection of BACKWIRE material recorded from 2019-2022 using various guitars, pedals, 4 tracks, synthesizers” – Veiled Witch Dies In Illusion is a 6-track project of minimalist tunes that dance between psychedelic soundscapes and percussive ambience with emotional grace.

The short tracks carry a heavy weight – Strident Realm in particular exudes a melancholy mood, allowing the listener to settle in and pontificate as the progression loops for a few meditative minutes.

It’s raw and emotional for sure, and a solid listen for fans of this type of ambient. You can stream/download the digital version of the album now via bandcamp – with a mention of physical editions sometime in the future. Lets hope that means cassettes, I feel like this project would sound great on tape!

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