Cradle, by Solarein

Cradle is a 2-track ambient/downtempo EP from San Francisco’s Solarein, self-released on May 13th, 2023.

The project is tight and lush, with atmospherics and textures taking center stage, surrounded by chilled beats and slowly-evolving synths. Speaking of textures, the sonic feeling of this record is pretty phenomenal, with lots of room in the mix for clicks and pops to fly around in between the more melodic and utilitarian sounds.

Both tracks borrow themes from one-another, from the progression to the vibe, like two sides of the same coin. Heavy yet hopeful. The songs return to motifs seamlessly, looping back around on themselves and their melodies. Some of my favorite moments were when guitar blissfully swept its way into the mix, soaring above the established structure and injecting heavy emotional energy with its distorted riffs.

For fans of downtempo electronics like Boards of Canada, Casino Vs Japan and Kiln – Cradle is likely to put a smile on the listeners face, if only for 15 minutes.

Download + Stream the album now via Bandcamp!

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