smellophone, by laundry

Such yummy and thoughtful beats from experimental duo laundrysmellophone is a unique and fun collection of tracks. Dark and fuzzy like a juicy plum, it is waiting to be bitten into!

Sometimes the sounds get quite avant-garde, but they are all grounded in delicious lo-fi beats drenched in dank atmospherics. The realm is hazy and shredded, as if viewed through CRT goggles – ripping and morphing the content as it passes through.

It’s dark yet playful – dwelling mostly in mellow and melancholy vibes while maintaining a lighthearted spirit! Even when approaching it’s most experimental (which it does get quite interesting~!), there is always a subtle thread of innocence tying things together.

The 10 tracks wander between harsh noise walls and lofi beat experimentations quite seamlessly. Impressively bridging the gaps between different genres and sounds, it’s a lovely listen and highly encouraged for a nice sonic expedition.

laundry were kind enough to grace us with some download-codes for the album! Grab a code below and head to the download page to get yourself a copy and support the artists!


Surgical, by xas abra

Supremely satisfying sonic experiments from xas abra – brought to us by Engram Recordings.

Surgical is a 10-track album, curiously with each track weighing in at exactly 4 minutes and 34 seconds. Is there an underlying purpose to this? Does it signal that these sounds are perhaps generated, or trimmed from larger improvisational recordings? It’s all quite curious and, in the end, it really does not matter, as the sounds themselves are deeply interesting and engaging to consume.

From fuzzy lo-fi glitches to off-kilter synthetic shredding, xas wields a sonic toolkit of extravagant diversity and force, as layer upon layer of textural waves overlap and merge again and again. With the heavy rhythmic elements added to what could have easily been a pure-drone experiment, the tracks float into “deconstructed club” territory as the warbled synths are consumed by powerful hissing percussion. Don’t underestimate this one as it’s a dense and delicious project!

Download the album now via Engram Recordings bandcamp, and be sure to explore xas’ world further


Gorgeous assortment of selections, compiled by SV1 and Umenos for the Hong Kong Community Radio show POST APOCALXX. This particular mix is #3 in the series, and features a mind-bending variety of sounds from alternative ambient to deconstructed club, with all sorts of delicious electronic experiments in between. Nearly 2 hours of music in this one, perfect for creative mornings or late-nite productivity sessions. This is actually my first time hearing a mix in this series, I am excited to explore what episodes 1&2 have to offer!

You can stream the show for now via Soundcloud, or for when they need to make room on the SC, listen directly via the HKCR website.

s e a s o n a l, by AFP/FFF

Beautiful experimental vapornoise, brought to us by Vacuum Noise Records. 2 tracks drifting around melancholy dreampunk drones, slushy vocals resting ontop of plump, fuzzy and cavernous atmospherics. A brief yet satisfying study of sounds, headphone listening highly recommended! Especially getting into the second track, devolving into nearly musique concrete tonal wandering as things become stretched around the listener in 4 dimensions.

37 Minutes, by Not Quite So

This morning we have some very interesting and satisfying sounds from UK project Not Quite So – with this 6-track experimental sound collage project 37 minutes. The 6 experimental tracks hover between dark ambience, neo classical and spoken word sample mashing – resulting in a very unique semi-narrative experience that is potent and moody. Beyond the elevated concept and production, it’s always quite enjoyable hearing a British accent, almost more-so when it is open ended like this – casual free form poetry. All in all it’s a big vibe – enough words already without needing to write anymore, just press play…

another effect, by 2D

Delicious techno deconstruction presented to us by the gang over at Engram Recordings – we have another effect by 2D. Lush and contemplative, 2D takes the listener softly by the hand, leading us through a vibrant yet subtle jungle of sound. Lots of ideas woven together, chillhop grooves, resonating synthetic noodling, techno concepts dismantled and reconstructed into almost a pastiche of modern experimental electronics.

I found myself listening to this one over-and-over again, with repeat listens only deepening my respect and enjoyment. Land Scape 2 and Fiona are hands-down my favorite tracks from the record. Though it is only 7 tracks long – shy a long player but a bit beefy for an EP – the tracks are thick and substantial, hovering around 5 minutes a piece. The combination is actually perfect, I found myself replaying the entire record several times after listening through.

You can download the record now at Name Your Own Price via Engram Recordings Bandcamp page.

Iniciação by Nacional Erudita


Deliciously lush and atmospheric new noise from Brazilian artist Nacional Erudita, brought to us by Infinite Sync Studios.

This Side A/Side B of sorts is warm and inviting. Tape sounds being utilized heavily to the point I felt as if I were in a duplication or processing facility – and I loved it. The therapeutic nature of the fuzzy analogue drones does well to build an atmosphere in less than 20 minutes of sonic storytelling. Ominous howls and scraping percussion dominate the first track, like some strange ceremony being dragged-along a few rooms down the hall. Track two is pure dense tape magic, packed with complex and satisfying subtleties.

Available digital only it seems! Head over to the bandcamp page to support! 🌿



HIGHER MIND THOUGHT IMPLANTATION is the latest release from ASVMR, brought to us by Berlin’s Engram Recordings – a thick 3-track exploration into psychedelic harsh fuzz territory.

Taking complete advantage of the labels eclectic and esoteric nature, ASVMR dives deep into the pool of sound for some sonic clam digging. Leading in with pulsing atmospheric percussion, only to be drenched with some seriously potent drone shredding. It’s actually quite an accessible harsh-noise EP – if you are new to the genre and just want to get your toes wet, this could be a fantastic place to start. Click play and embrace the meta-narrative!!

Thirteen Years, by MLDVR


Australian producer M L D V R returns to us with the follow-up to Four Months EP with part II of III – Thirteen Years. This round we find M L D V R further embracing longform composition, with each of the tracks hovering around 10 minutes, giving plenty of time for sonic exploration. Starting off with an acid house banger that sets the mood of a strange smoke filled warehouse, onto a spooky car ride through the deserted backroads, and ending with a 2am swim in a pixelated cyber lake. Enjoying the work of this producer more and more, extremely excited to hear what is in store for the final chapter – and of course still crossing my fingers for Tapes to be released eventually…

SLIME?COMP. by Vacuum Noise Records


Dropped like a bowl of pudding at the fridge in the middle of the night – SLIME?COMP is the latest compilation construction from Vacuum Noise Records (masterminds behind ANYWAVE and much more). Mystery and anticipation swirled around this project for weeks, from the bizarre call for SLIMEPUNK submissions that raised eyebrows, to the shift towards slimeWAVE which raised more than eyebrows! Er, anyways I am probably a bit biased towards these compilations as I have contributed to both, but I really enjoy them both thoroughly. The sounds themselves are quite experimental of course, with such a nebulous slimy criteria who could expect anything else – resulting in a really interesting tracklist this time around – and a satisfying one at that.

Some personal favorites include tracks by doctorb, V ▲ P Y D, b l u e s c r e e n and Reversed Reference, but there is a plethora of jams here to enjoy. Oh and you’d already have this album in your library by now if you subscribed to VNR4LYF