Chill Noise, by Phirnis

Brought to us by German label Strategic Tape Reserves is this long playing industrial noise album Chill Noise by Viennese artist Phirnis.

Chill Noise, for the titles, is surprisingly full of energy, exploration and movement. Not to say it isn’t relaxing, of course – but if you’re looking for a collection of melodic field recordings you can keep on walking! This album is a wonderful study of industrial ambience – combining harsh tones with gentle atmospherics for a dense and intriguing journey.

The first few tracks are quite grounded in their noisy mystique, remaining quite free-flowing and spatial. Upon reaching the middle of the album we are greeted with an intense underground techno track thanks to the distorted kickdrum flying in! It’s a welcome way to break up the quite ethereal structure of the songs.

Harsh Noise fans will rejoice (or perhaps they won’t?) at the pure listenability of Phirnis‘ sounds. Somehow these tortured, shredded and FM distorted tones are perfectly layered and mixed in the least obtrusive way possible. Taking into consideration the actual sounds heard, this might possibly be the most digestible and easy-on-the-ears harsh noise album I have ever heard.

Between the robust textures and the intense soundscape construction there’s no shortage of fascinating sounds within. Chill Noise deserves a home in your collection – consider picking up a cassette tape to support (only a few are left when we wrote this, so move your butts!) or stream/download the digital edition via bandcamp.



HIGHER MIND THOUGHT IMPLANTATION is the latest release from ASVMR, brought to us by Berlin’s Engram Recordings – a thick 3-track exploration into psychedelic harsh fuzz territory.

Taking complete advantage of the labels eclectic and esoteric nature, ASVMR dives deep into the pool of sound for some sonic clam digging. Leading in with pulsing atmospheric percussion, only to be drenched with some seriously potent drone shredding. It’s actually quite an accessible harsh-noise EP – if you are new to the genre and just want to get your toes wet, this could be a fantastic place to start. Click play and embrace the meta-narrative!!

“”“”毛粥”“”” by 李嘉翎


Meandering sonic oddities from 李嘉翎 (puramu) presented by the forward thinking Engram Recordings. This one is packed with some dense and interesting energy – lush drones and bold audio plundering build the atmosphere. Rough and fuzzy, but also quite juicy – maybe it is a new kind of stonefruit?! It’s certainly delicious, and left me wanting more – with the spontaneous tracks never breaching 3 minutes in length. It’s punk-found-sound and I dig it to the max!

Purple e.p. by Pansori/TABQURIA


XO Archives (Japan) presents us with this lovely split-EP from Pansori and TABQURIA. Each producer providing around 10 minutes of delicious harsh sounds – buzzing and throbbing all over the sonic landscape with energy and excitement. Thick and satisfying distortion takes center stage in this one as the two go head to head, trading riffs and samples back and forth in a noisy dance of fate!!

The Pink e.p. has already arrived as well….

Merge, by Blumt


This small project was sent my way a few months ago – a 3 track EP of harsh noise from German producer Blumt. A beautifully dark debut, self released via the artists bandcamp page. Blumt uses a palette of deep ambience and shattering dissonance to paint his work – making a fitting soundtrack for an old horror film. The project finishes massively with what I consider to be a pretty damn amazing track, “Circle Bit” – pure energy packed IDM that leaves you wanting more.

I will be eagerly waiting to hear more from this producer – with Merge dropping back in January, maybe we will get lucky before the years end…

Resistance Fatigue, by TAXXESS


Texas Producer TAXXESS dropped this dense industrial-cyberpunk project back in December – It’s packed full of harsh buzzing drones, big beats and bizarre sonic abnormalities. Even with the diverse palette of destroyed sounds, there is a beautiful rhythm to each track, encouraging you to get lost inside….

Be Whole, by Sound Awakener


Another one here from Sound Awakener, Be Whole is a 3 track project of harsh noise and wave experiments. These fluttering drones lead you here and there, and some points taking on an animal-like quality, other times more comparable to the sounds of the environment. It breathes in and out, hissing and sputtering its way from start to finish. Highly recommended for Noise fans, gentle enough for Ambient minds.

Favorite Track: 2. Chapter II

Chapter I with fragments recorded in 2012, reworked in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Chapter II first recorded in 2014, reworked in 2015
Chapter III recorded in 2015

released 01 July 2015

All tracks produced by Sound Awakener

Death Dances, by FLOWERS


Dark Pursuits (Washington D.C.) presents us with this great work of dark-ambience, Death Dances. Harsh, obtuse and experimental as hell, this one is a ride from beginning to finish that is sure to leave you coming back for more.

Favorite Track: 5. Laury

released 09 June 2015

Circling A Broken Depth / Mirrored Underneath, by Lost Trail / Linden Pomeroy

Little L Records brings us this new split offering from North Carolinas Lost Trail duo and UK producer Linden Pomeroy. It’s haunting and hypnotic, with deep ideas to get lost in. This impressive tape is available as a free download or as a physical cassette tape.

Favorite Track: 6. Downed Seagull Struggles to Sing (Lost Trail)

Turismo by, Christian Michael Filardo

A new 2-track project from creative mastermind Christian Michael Filardo. This project is full of sharp electronic noise composition and lo-fi drones. Brought to us by PHINERY