Fresh Batch – June 2022

Welcome back to the Fresh Batch, music lovers! We return with our monthly new-music column absolutely packed with phenomenal sounds.

With summer coming fast and furious (stay cool out there, folks!), we’ve rounded up a selection of lovely summertime releases. Dig in, swim around and enjoy…


June 24th, 2022 – Friendly Islands, by Eulipion Corps (Wormhole World) – Leftfield Avant-Garde Synthwave

June 24th, 2022 – Between Here and There, by Imaginary Sky Lights (Hreám Recordings) – Longform Ambient Post-Rock

June 24th, 2022 – Lost Parallel, by Type B. (Expmental Records) – Deep Minimal Dub Techno

June 24th, 2022 – Strands, by gonima (SVNSET WAVES) – Glitchy Downtempo IDM


旅行者, by w a v e j a g
Vaporsynth / Synthwave / Retrowave

Wonderfully wholesome retrowave from wavejag aka Loon Gemini – dense and lush midi moods with plenty of satisfying synths and rhythms to make the tracks fly by!

You Have So Many Years And Screw-Ups Ahead Of You, by Dokkodo Sounds x Mountain Range
Released by Inner Ocean Records
Chillhop / Bedroom Pop / Lofi Beats

Beautiful pop-oriented instrumental beats freshly added to the amazing Inner Ocean catalog. This collaborative EP features 4 sun-soaked lofi beats with plenty of heart and pop mentality.

New World Ways, by © 2001-2063 Wikipedia Fact Council
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Vaporwave / Slushwave / Outsider Ambient

Fuzzy and balmy atmospheres from legendary digital vapor label DMT Tapes – lush with their classic aesthetic, hazy distortion and nostalgic pianos spin in an lethargic cyclone off just off the coast.

Self Released
Lofi Beats / Beat Tape / Instrumentals

Prolific Texan Beatsmith BLKrKRT unearthed some of their 2018 b-sides for us in this latest long player. Classic boom-bap, dusty beats and soulful samples spilling over the brim of a golden chalice. And if 30 tracks isn’t enough for you, part 2 of this epic beat tape just dropped today!

Concrete Psychomancy, by diablo 2honey
Released by Engram Recordings
IDM / Experimental / Electronic

Art-Sound label Engram Recordings presents this progressive-electronic beast of a record by Travis Gregory. Thoughtfully experimental and quite forward-thinking, yet packed with riffs and earworms.

The Element Of Everything, by The Gaye Device
Self Released
Electronica / Dark Ambient / Synthwave

UK Ambient Producer The Gaye Device returns to us again in 2022 with a 8-Track album featuring their signature lush-yet-brooding sound. Perfect for motivational stimulation or contemplative moments.

Horizons: Three, by Leiras & Ricardo Garduno
Released by Illegal Alien Records
Techno / Electronica / Experimental

Fantastically deep and exploratory techno sounds grace this epic 10″ Vinyl release from Spanish producer Leiras and Illegal Alien Records head Ricardo Garduno. A great addition to any industrial techno crate.

Pour l’amour des insectes, by Clay Monke
Released by Vivarium Recordings
Field Recordings / Ambient / New Age

Immersive and soothing ambient laced with tweaked field recordings creating quite the relaxing atmospheric experience.

Cinéma Noir, by glåsbird
Released by Whitelabrecs
Modern Classical / Electroacoustic / Ambient

Claiming this album is Beautiful would be a woeful understatement – anonymous ambient artist glåsbird returns to UK’s Whitelabrecs with a batch of persistent emotional soundscapes.

023/024 – Romance Relic & Softie
Released by DISPLAY
Ambient / Soundscape / Cinematic

Limited release musical exploration imprint DISPLAY presents a classy A/B Tape of conceptual cinematic ambience, housed in a beautiful cassette.

WORMWOOD, by A.D. Luck
Released by Submarine Broadcasting Co.
Glitch / Experimental / Electronic

Bold and thoughtful plunderphonic compositions from A.D. Luck (a.k.a. SELVEDGE) – crushing samples together into a satisfying post-industrial lofi romp.

ohiode, by useless cop
Released by OK ULTRA Records
Experimental / IDM / Future Beats

Stylish and strange beat experiments with flavors of hyperpop, deconstructed club and underground sounds.

Now Available on Webelotrax

Diazepam, by Beckton Alps2
Avant-Garde / IDM / Synthwave

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