Fresh Batch – May 2021

Hello, gorgeous music-loving folks!

It is that time again….

April brought us a wealth of excellent new sounds.

Things tended to trend on the “Cozy” side this past month – whether grounded in ambience, bedroom pop or some other genre – producers and musicians found themselves harnessing the pleasant rather than the problematic.

Without further delay, enjoy this months FRESH BATCH!


5/21 – Divine Ecdysis, by Ishtar Sr. (Grimalkin Records) Future Pop

5/21 – Hyperdrive, by Spooki Tavi (Doom Trip) Psychedelic Rock

5/28 – Machination, by Powerdove (Murailles Music) Experimental Pop


Experimental Pop / Bedroom / R&B

Songbook, by Tapes & Tubes
Released by TQU-aut
Experimental / Folk / Improvisational

Aria, by Enzo Carniel and Filippo Vignato as Silent Room
Released by MENACE Paris
Jazz / Piano / Experimental

Forbidden Fruit, by Sedai
Self Released
Acid / Techno / Downtempo

Mwili, by Faraji Heritage Experience
Released by Cascade Records
Future Beats / Lofi / Abstract Hip Hop

Era of Harmony, by Arilu
Self Released
Downtempo / Chillout / Sound Healing

The Town That Was Murdered, by Draaler
Released by Submarine Broadcasting Co.
Dark Ambient / Experimental / Post-Rock

Sunkus, by Giriu Dvasios
Released by Cold Tear Records
Dub Techno / Atmospheric / Ambient Techno

Space Between Space, by New Weird Australia (Various Artists)
Released by New Weird Australia
Experimental / Noise / Ambient

Memory, by Chalk Portraits
Self Released
Ambient / Minimal / Relaxation

Now Available on Webelotrax

Geomelt, by Ohsaurus
Synthwave / Lofi / Experimental Electronic

The Lost Tapes, by Rei Low
Experimental / Drum & Bass / Lofi

Moonlight, by V@PYD
Vaporwave / Vaporfunk / Downtempo

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