Fresh Batch – June 2021

Hello, sweet lovers of music!

Last month had some seriously wonderful drops, and the beat goes on!

The amount of music that is created, released and distributed nowadays can be as breathtaking as it is overwhelming. It’s a constant challenge to keep an open eye, ear and heart for new voices in sound.

Whenever I get overwhelmed, I always remind myself of the days when I was younger and it was much more difficult to discover new music. Scraping the various tags and underbellies of websites like myspace and purevolume – to find people pursuing their creative goals with a DIY spirit…

Fast forward! We really are in an amazing era with incredible tools to create, curate and share to a massive audience, which is inspiring in itself! It’s casual thoughts like this that propel me forward.

Anyway, I have rambled enough! Without further delay, enjoy this months FRESH BATCH!

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Fresh Batch – May 2021

Hello, gorgeous music-loving folks!

It is that time again….

April brought us a wealth of excellent new sounds.

Things tended to trend on the “Cozy” side this past month – whether grounded in ambience, bedroom pop or some other genre – producers and musicians found themselves harnessing the pleasant rather than the problematic.

Without further delay, enjoy this months FRESH BATCH!

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Fresh Batch – March 2021

Hello, lovely and beautiful people!

We are cutting through the noise this month, bringing you a heaping-helping of new music!

Forget the drama, throw on your best headphones or crank up those speakers, it’s time to discover some fresh sounds….

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Fresh Batch – February 2021

Well HELLO there readers! It certainly has been a while since we had one of these!

We are very pleased to announce the return of the FRESH BATCH – a monthly roundup of the freshest and finest sounds from the underground!

The goal of the FRESH BATCH is to provide a one-stop shop for some quality music. Too busy to browse through Bandcamp tags or thumb through your social media feeds?! We got you.

Thanks to our over 6 years of experience combing through labels, collectives, blogs, PR blasts and pure curiosity – we collect interesting and inspiring sounds every single month – trim the fat and hand deliver it…..FRESH.

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Fresh Batch – February 25th, 2020


February has is coming and going at a brisk pace per-usual, but that has not stopped many producers and artists taking advantage of this strange season to push magnificent new releases. 2020 is trending with huge atmospheres and forward thinking composition, with exciting sounds coming from every direction…


3/9 – Skin to Skin, by Sabriel’s Orb (Inner Islands) Ambient

3/13 – The Devil Defeated, by Darko The Super & Steel Tipped Dove (U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art) Hip Hop

4/24 – Hexose, by Sunken Foal (Coundersunk) Electronica


Legacy Media, by Unaired Sitcom
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Alternative Vaporwave / Nostalgia / Ambient

Endless, by Zuwe
Released by Seikomart
Ambient / Electronic / Naturewave

Peachy, by Abdersta and Azuresands大麻
Released by power_lunch corporation
Vaporwave / Future Funk / Plunderphonics

12 Parsec, by Dott Santafeo
Released by Kopoc Label
Dub Techno / Electronic / Ambient

A Serene Sky and Clear Air / $T∆3IL
by Dublock / Trium Circulorum
Released by Trium Circulorum
Dub Techno / Atmospheric / Bass

Enigma, by Ovoid
Released by The Rust Music
Bass / Downtempo / Psychedelic Dubstep

Released by Sleep Is Commercial
Dub Techno / Deep House / Ambient Techno

Each Of Us Was Several, by Various Identities
Released by Engram Recordings
Experimental Ambient / Dream Pop / Improvisational 

Virtual Ballet, by Sent Down Girl
Released by No Problema Tapes
Experimental / Soundscape / Sound Collage

SHAM, by Kid Mania
Released by Girly Girl Musik
Broken Transmission / Experimental / Sound Collage

‘Oumuamua, by shnozberry fields
Experimental / Post-Internet / Eccojams


The Void, by Awze
Electronic / Future Bass / Downtempo

FRESH BATCH – July 1, 2019


Happy Monday music lovers! It’s a new week and a new month, freshness is the name of the game, so it’s only fitting we hit you with another FRESH BATCH!!

This time we have quite a diverse selection of tunes and albums from all around the world – no matter what your mood or vibe, there’s something here for you.

Before we dive into what has been dropped recently, here’s a brief list highlighting some upcoming releases to keep an eye on!


July 5th – Matter/Space/Void by Hierarchy (A Sacred Geometry) Dub Techno
July 7th – Hold My Hand by Ecovillage (Elian Rec.) Post-Classical/Ambient
July 7th – шон by Otto Solange (Elian Rec.) Abstract Beats
July 17th – Community is Revolution by Radio Europa (Wormhole World) Experimental
Aug. 1st – Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace) by Fire-Toolz (OMM) Experimental
Aug. 23rd – Bunny, by Ghost Orchid (Orchid Tapes) Post-Pop


Flowerstone Vol. 2, by Known Shaz
Released by RAW Tapes
Electronic / Chillout / Vocals

Virtual Goddess, by Steffi Starshine
Released by DMT Tapes
Drone / Vaporwave / Atmospheric

Waypoints, by Caught in the Wake Forever
Released by ARCHIVES
Experimental / Lo-Fi / Ambient

Entrance Way, by Sangam
Released by NO PROBLEMA Tapes
Experimental / Atmospheric / Dreampunk

Vaporwave Night Shift, by Loon Gemini
Released by BOGUS Collective
Vaporwave / Experimental / Officesoft

Tu ne te retourneras pas, by Hazy Montagne Mystique
Released by Jeunesse Cosmique
Freak Folk / Experimental / Ambient

Entangled, by SØS Gunver Ryberg
Released by AVIAN
Experimental / Techno / Atmospheric

Agony Comfort, by Squid Ethics
Released by Illuminated Paths
Lo-Fi / Abstract Beats / Hip Hop

Psychedelicate, by FKM2007
Released by Æscape Sounds
IDM / Experimental / Electronic

October #1

Hello ET readers!

Before I start loading this post up with links, I wanted to take a second to thank anyone and everyone who has supported this project from the beginning – I am inspired every day by seeing artists and collectives still producing and curating amazing content, along with a whole new generation of content creators pulling the underground scene into new directions and uncharted territories.

It is in this spirit that I am announcing a slight shift in the blog format to better accommodate both the current underground climate as well as my own personal habits and responsibilities. Moving forward, I will be focusing on posting “Lists” of recommended listens, opposed to individual “Quick Picks” of my findings. I feel this is a logical step, and also one that will be beneficial to both the readers and the artists featured. So without further explanation or excuse, here is the first list to kick off October 2018 – please enjoy browsing and exploring this batch of recommended underground music!!


Last Dayz ov Zummer – by Reflections From Nowhere

Released October 5th, 2018 – DMT Tapes FL

The ever-busy DMT Tapes Florida has graced us with another beautiful, meandering release from Reflections From Nowhere – tinged with a slight melancholy and dystopian vibe, the 13 tracks seem to drip from one to the next, laced with droning synths and keys, dusted with downtempo grooves and textures. The tape on a whole is quite a satisfying listen, as I found myself going back for a repeat listen 2/3 times whenever I pressed play… 🛰


Rum River Ramble – by Marcus Eads

Released September 30, 2018 – Self Released

Longtime readers will know that I am a fan of Marcus Eads’ stripped back, “Primitive” Americana compositions – so it is no surprise that I am both excited and pleased with his latest offering, Rum River Ramble. In traditional Eads fashion, the album is a peaceful homage to archaic sounds, featuring vibes ranging from swinging mellow melodies to thoughtful blues. Throughout the record, Marcus utilizes not only the Acoustic Guitar, but a peppering of unique instruments like the Dulcimer and Autoharp! Quite the enjoyable listen for a relaxing morning coffee. ☕️


Vault of Glass EP – by Doctor Jeep

Released October 5th, 2018 – Self Released

Dark and atmospheric Drum & Bass from UK’s Doctor Jeep – featuring collaborations with Fixate and Cirrus, with remixes from Hyroglifics and Sinistarr). Wonderfully satisfying dark club grooves with flavors of dub and world sounds. 🌍


Mental Disorder – by Hybrid Boy

Released October 5th, 2018 – Self Released

New Belgium producer Hybrid Boy presents us with an energetic and bold 3-track EP as a first release on the scene – each track is packed with atmosphere and energy, utilizing extraordinary drumwork and soundscape crafting. Definitely excited to hear more from this young producer in the future! 🌀


• CHOON FINDS – Saint Elsewhere •

“Experimental Trip Hop from Vienna/AT” – Saint Elsewhere strings together chilled electronics, downtempo beats and blissful vocals in a small collection of songs uploaded to Choon. Quite interesting stuff, subtle and worth multiple listens 🤙

Listen: Self-Titled 6 Track Album

Locked Grooves, by 400PPM


Fresh from Berlin’s Avian Label is this collection of hypnotic tracks by 400PPM. Locked Grooves is a collection of experimental techno loops constructed by Shawn O’Sullivan. The release itself is 10 tracks of raw, relentless electronics, with satisfying jagged edges. I would even dare to call this a Punk interpretation of techno, with the often distorted tones buzzing from track to track, as well as the startlingly short track lengths (most tracks barely breach the 2-minute mark!).

All in all, its a breath of fresh air in the oft-over-produced techno scene. You can scoop the digital album for free now via Avians Bandcamp.

Periferica (NP), by Tears Of Change


Fresh from rohs! Records out of Germany (though, not fresh to the universe), originally released in 2015, Periferica is an experimental techno album by Tears Of Change.

Periferica is a deep, churning project with a brutal yet mellow urgency. The sound is a unique juxtaposition of throbbing kicks and buzzing bass, combined with some haunting atmospheres. What results is a satisfying blend of energetic acid and high-quality textured ambience. Some of my favorite parts of this project were the most dissonant, where the sounds seemed to be combating each-other within the track!

For a limited time you can order a Compact Disc of the Album, or download the digital files, via the rohs! Records Bandcamp.


Deep and Dub Summer 2016


Tehnofonika Records Brings us a marvelous summer sampler of Dub-Techno tunes, perfect for relaxing while the sun sets on a hot day. Featuring tracks from some of my favorite producers (Martin Frost, Dublicator) as well as a few fresh finds, this sampler is 10 tracks of high-quality techno tunes. Each song fits perfectly with the relaxed, sunny-mellow vibe, steeped in atmospheric flavor and texture. The album is currently only available for download via the Labels Bandcamp page.