Fresh Batch – June 2021

Hello, sweet lovers of music!

Last month had some seriously wonderful drops, and the beat goes on!

The amount of music that is created, released and distributed nowadays can be as breathtaking as it is overwhelming. It’s a constant challenge to keep an open eye, ear and heart for new voices in sound.

Whenever I get overwhelmed, I always remind myself of the days when I was younger and it was much more difficult to discover new music. Scraping the various tags and underbellies of websites like myspace and purevolume – to find people pursuing their creative goals with a DIY spirit…

Fast forward! We really are in an amazing era with incredible tools to create, curate and share to a massive audience, which is inspiring in itself! It’s casual thoughts like this that propel me forward.

Anyway, I have rambled enough! Without further delay, enjoy this months FRESH BATCH!


6/11 – Mist, Rain, Dust: Dissected Frequencies, by Goodparley (TQN-aut) Orchestral Drone

6/21 – passage, by storyinsoil (Ingrown Records) Experimental Electronic

7/2 – Reprisals, by S.A.A.P.S.S.S. (Self Release) Lofi Synthwave


Sweet Sickle Moon, by Halogen Star
Released by Vivarium Recordings
IDM / Ambient Techno / Synthwave

Wonderful longform pieces from the ever-amazing Halogen Star

DOS Dungeon Days, by Lars Haur
Lofi / Dungeon Synth / Experimental

Creepy crawlers for cave dwellers and corrupt adventurers!

Divine Ecdysis, by Ishtar Sr.
Released by Grimalkin Records
Abstract Hip Hop / Future Pop / Experimental

After bumping Technomancers for weeks straight ~ this full-length did not disappoint, presenting amazingly experimental compositions alongside powerful vocals

Released by DMT Tapes FL
Alternative Vaporwave / Outsider Ambient / Vaporfunk

Funky fresh creations from V@PYD stretching in all directions ~ exploring atmospherics and textures alongside booming beats!

Ultratumba, by trajedesalvia
Self-Released (Edited and Distributed by Various Labels)
Dark Ambient / Experimental Drone / Industrial

Both fascinating and brooding, Ultratumba is a unique and satisfying experience in dark ambient waves

Nightmare In Paradise, by Tyler Holmes
Released by Ratskin Records
Experimental / Bedroom Pop / Neo Soul

Beauty and sincerity are the headlines on this latest Tyler Holmes full length – presenting the listener with a stripped down and devastatingly intimate collection of vocal-centric tracks

Your Scene, by Doom Roost
Released by don’t drone alone
Drone / Experimental / Ambient

Self-proclaimed “fanfic based on free software lore”, Doom Roost stretches fuzzy drones to the digital horizon and back again…

Ayni, by Iyari
Released by Submarine Broadcasting Company
Ambient / Electroacoustic / Post Rock

Majestic and atmospheric post rock, brought to us by the ever-satisfying SBC

Soundscapes of an Ending World, by Fresh Body Shop
Dark Ambient / Liminal Wave / Atmospheric

Dark sounds for the brooding mind ~ a fantastic partner for rainy nights

Now Available on Webelotrax

Laura Peñate x Rei Low II
Darkwave / Lofi Jungle / Bedroom Pop

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