FRESH BATCH – July 1, 2019


Happy Monday music lovers! It’s a new week and a new month, freshness is the name of the game, so it’s only fitting we hit you with another FRESH BATCH!!

This time we have quite a diverse selection of tunes and albums from all around the world – no matter what your mood or vibe, there’s something here for you.

Before we dive into what has been dropped recently, here’s a brief list highlighting some upcoming releases to keep an eye on!


July 5th – Matter/Space/Void by Hierarchy (A Sacred Geometry) Dub Techno
July 7th – Hold My Hand by Ecovillage (Elian Rec.) Post-Classical/Ambient
July 7th – шон by Otto Solange (Elian Rec.) Abstract Beats
July 17th – Community is Revolution by Radio Europa (Wormhole World) Experimental
Aug. 1st – Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace) by Fire-Toolz (OMM) Experimental
Aug. 23rd – Bunny, by Ghost Orchid (Orchid Tapes) Post-Pop


Flowerstone Vol. 2, by Known Shaz
Released by RAW Tapes
Electronic / Chillout / Vocals

Virtual Goddess, by Steffi Starshine
Released by DMT Tapes
Drone / Vaporwave / Atmospheric

Waypoints, by Caught in the Wake Forever
Released by ARCHIVES
Experimental / Lo-Fi / Ambient

Entrance Way, by Sangam
Released by NO PROBLEMA Tapes
Experimental / Atmospheric / Dreampunk

Vaporwave Night Shift, by Loon Gemini
Released by BOGUS Collective
Vaporwave / Experimental / Officesoft

Tu ne te retourneras pas, by Hazy Montagne Mystique
Released by Jeunesse Cosmique
Freak Folk / Experimental / Ambient

Entangled, by SØS Gunver Ryberg
Released by AVIAN
Experimental / Techno / Atmospheric

Agony Comfort, by Squid Ethics
Released by Illuminated Paths
Lo-Fi / Abstract Beats / Hip Hop

Psychedelicate, by FKM2007
Released by Æscape Sounds
IDM / Experimental / Electronic

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