Fresh Batch – April 1, 2020

Happy April music lovers! No fools around here, simply a thick collection of recently released greatness along with some wonderful things to look forward to. Let the music speak…


4/3 – Dance Alone, by Sraunus (Self Released) Dub Techno

4/10 – Complete Silence: Dream Music – 完全な沈黙: 夢の音楽, by LYNXX (Self Released) Drone

4/22 – Memento Mori, by Tripswitch (Section Records) Downtempo Electronica

6/5 – Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face, by END (Self Released) Metalcore


D A Y 3夜0バ3ツ0 D R E A M, by パラ D A I S U シ
Released by Seikomart
Vaporwave / Experimental / Plunderphonics

Lo Ingobernable, by Casi Todos Las Males
Released by Dreamshore Tapes
Beats / Synthwave / Shoegaze

Released by What Now Becomes
Microhouse / Experimental Electronic / Downtempo

Free Information, by 2031 FL-DROID
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Vaporwave / Future Funk / Outsider Ambient

Praseodymium / Pleasure Response
Self Released
Electronic / Downtempo / Synthwave

蒸気の夢, by Seffi Starshine
Released by Fireflower Foundation
Ambient / Vapordrone / Meditation

udontexist / Ain’t About That, by 4TUNE
Released by Sound Museum
Drum & Bass / Experimental Bass / Halftime

Look Into The Fire, by M00NofS0rr0W
Released by Hairs aBlazin’
Dark Ambient / Experimental / Alternative Vaporwave

Grove, by 08風
Released by No Problema Tapes
Ambient / Experimental / Meditation

Grinding, by Dong Zhou
Released by Engram Recordings
Noise / Experimental / Electroacoustic


INTENCOJ, by Nkujarks
Experimental Electronic / IDM / Dark Ambient

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