Fresh Batch – March 11th, 2020

Boom! Selections! All over the world folks are pumping out incredible compositions and projects – as always it’s tough to keep up, but we’re doing out best! Please enjoy this selection of recently released excellence – the best of the best for whatever the reason – along with some goodies on the horizon to look forward to…


3/17 – Tabernacle Takeover, by Gaddy (The Rust Music) Bass

3/20 – Beyond the Time Barrier Travelers, by Adult Human Band (Already Dead Tapes) Experimental

4/8 – Ultraviolet Radiation, by Feral (HYPNUS Records) Atmospheric Techno

4/10 – Plant Lab, by Plant Lab (Crash Symbols) Psychedelic


AIR DRIVE LP, by Zwansound
Released by Girly Girl Musik
Experimental Ambient / Dreampunk / IDM

Alienomy, by Low Orbit Satellite
Self Released
Techno / Acid / Electronic

φ​-​2, by LUSTER-φ
Released by xo-archives
Experimental Techno / Longform / Electronics

ソリス博物館, by Telenights
Released by Seikomart
Ambient Vaporwave / Dreamwave / Experimental

火星情緒, by 火星情緒
Released by Illuminated Paths
Ambient Vaporwave / Eccojams / Lofi

Slow Dubs Vol.1, by Mystic Fyah
Released by INFINITA
Dub Techno / Downtempo / Ambient Dub

Filtered Artifacts III, by Coppice Halifax
Self Released
Ambient Techno / Dub Techno / Deep House

Mínimo EP, by Sacha Rush
Released by Kopoc Label
Dub Techno / Electronic / Minimal

split, by Lather/BBJr
Released by Personal Archives
Improvisation / Harsh Noise / Experimental

Jungle Boogie, by Ten Atmospheres
Released by NO PROBLEMA Tapes
New Age / Ambient / Field Recording

Amongst The Sakura Trees, by Sebastian Paul
Released by Shimmering Mood Records
Ambient / Drone / Chillout

Atmos, by Hidden Valley Logging Company
Released by Lillerne Tapes
Lo Fi / Atmospheric / Ambient


INTENCOJ, by Nkujarks
Experimental Electronic / IDM / Dark Ambient

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