Fresh Batch – October 7th, 2019


It’s a new month and time for a Fresh Batch! We have gathered some premium underground sounds for you this time, wrapping up the last of what September has to offer and looking into the spooky future of October! With Halloween themes and compilations on the horizon, we are sure to be treated to some dark sounds this coming season…


10/18 – Regime of Calm, by Cacero Lazo (Submarine Broadcasting Company) Experimental Ambient


Released by DMT Tapes FL
Beat Tape / Lo-Fi / Hip Hop

271-RSP, by matthew bertram
Released by Illuminated Paths
Lo-Fi / Ambient / Score

Outsource International (Various Artists)
Released by Eternal Vibes
Vaporwave / Eccojams / Post-Vapor

R e w i n d, by Flávio La Barre
Released by B O G U S // Collective
Chillwave / Vaporsynth / Synthfunk

Fix Me, by EchoDDT + TJ Max
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Synthwave / Synth Pop / Post Vaporwave

無限の中であなたと, by P U D E R P O L L I
Released by Æscape Sounds
Eccojams / Slushwave / Outsider Ambient

BLESS Vol.3 (Various Artists)
Released by Inner Ocean Records
Lo-fi Hip Hop / Chillhop / Beat Tape

Smoke Recitation, by Coppice Halifax
Self Released
Ambient Techno / Minimal / Dub Techno

Mistral, by Procedural Braindance
Released by Recycled Plastics
Experimental Techno / Glitch / Analog

memory allocation, by emotional intelligence
Released by night coverage
Signalwave / Outsider Ambient / Plunderphonics

命の息 (Breath of Life), by 汽≈
Released by Seikomart
Vapordrone / Dark Ambient / Deconstructed

新時代球体, by マクロドリンク
Released by Fireflower Foundation
Drone / Ambient / Vapordrone

Magicicada, by Gut Fauna
Released by Ingrown Records
New Age / Freak Folk / Experimental

I Am Death, by Princess Commodore 64
Released by Hairs aBlazin’
Dark Ambient / Experimental / Vapordrone

MELTED TEETH, by ☯STΔRMΣLTΞЯ☯ & မိန်းမတပိုင်းငါးတပိုင်းအံသွား
Released by B O G U S // Collective
Experimental / Noise / Drone


VEVARO, by Nkujarks
Abstract / IDM / Bass

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