Moving EP, by VOIA // Glass Islands


VOIA brings us this new EP with Glass Islands, a brief 3 minute journey with a very deep feeling. The project gains momentum and energy as the songs progress, with the first track drifting in ambient bliss leading to the third track with near-dancefloor rhythms and sultry vocals. Though short, it is a fantastic listen for a smokey evening or cruising around the neon nights…

Favorite Track: 2. Moving

Ĉielarko, by Coppice Halifax


Dark, twisted and distinct. Quite laid-back, this 4-track release sits comfortable in the background of a mellow evening.

released 31 August 2015

W/P by Brian Grainger. Recorded at Botany Bay, April 2015. Mastered by The Analog Botanist. This is Milieu Music number EARTH 4, and fourth in the DEEP EARTH catalog.

Pleiades, by Dave Marian


ARCHIVES presents us with a very laid-back collection of tracks from Dave Marian. Subtle and relaxing, you will most likely find yourself putting this little album on repeat.

Favorite Track: 4. Taygeta

Using the famous Pleiades as inspiration, Dave Marian takes us into a great jouney, presenting a broad spectrum of deep and dub sounds through four original cuts full of subtle chords with endless delays and intriguing pad sounds. Main track ‘Maia’ is also presented with a remix by swiss artist Alessandro Crimi.
released 22 June 2015

Written and Produced by Dave Marian.
Aditional Remix by Alessandro Crimi.
Mastering by Alexandre Lehmann (Zzzzra).

Archives / 2015