THATONEGOODVIBE is a new tape release from experimental producer PZA, released via Pennsylvanias Section 9 Tapes.

Truly a dank tape, marrying vaporwave concepts with harsh noise, approaching the boarders of witch-house at moments! Each track is dense and spooky, filled with warped synthesizers and fuzzy low-end. The project weighs in at 12 tracks, you must purchase the Cassette version to hear the final track though! You can also download the album via Section 9’s Bandcamp.

The VHS Chronicles, by Panaphonix


The VHS Chronicles by Panaphonix is a electronic freak-fest that was released towards the end of July by Welcome Beauty Sounds. This 10 track project showcases some serious weirdness under an umbrella of vapor tone. Heavy on the rhythms, this album is less about ambience as it is about wonked out future-funk beats. Panaphonix does a great job of keeping the listener interested from the beginning to the end, which for any artist is a job well done! You can stream or donate to download the album via Bandcamp.

Favorite Track : 3. Janet Trapson

Consumism, by 3dtorus

Wonky beats from Fwonk by 3dtorus !


The debut LP from HUSTLE FLESH

AIR Japan – Tokyo Audio 3000

Really enjoying this release from Dream Catalogue, some very spacey tracks with interesting melodies….

20XXビート, by WTCHDCTR


Tonight I am listening to some haunting and beautiful beats by WTCHDCTR, his latest EP titled “20XXビート” is 4 tracks of luscious and spaced out beats, soaked in reverb, dripping with style.

This project has a relaxed warmth to it that is quite pleasing to the ears. Swelling synthesizers rest behind the action in each song perfectly, creating quite the cosmic-soundscape to paint beats and melodies on top of. WTCHDCTR does this by means of intriguing vocal samples, tracks being motivated by trap style drums. There is minimal urgency in these tunes, and thats exactly what you want from something like this, perfect beats for a warm summer night. Slightly melancholy, whether by nostalgia or situation, only enhances the beauty.

The tracks maintain a fairly chill vibe, On My Mind being the obvious acception. However, even so the relaxed and spacey attitude is still there, in whispering synths paired with eerie vocal cuts. The deep bass lulls you inward, while the haunting melodies keep you hypnotized.

For what it is, “20XXビート” is a great little release. I feel like theres nothing I havent heard going on here, but in this instance it’s done so well! Though its only 4 tracks, you can pick this one up on Cassette via the bandcamp page. Also available for digital download, or stream it above! Whatever you do, enjoy!




Please enjoy this mix of tracks from the first half of April, 2014.


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Le Motel – CRUNK
LIL 3LL (リル TRILL) – f i j i w a t e r f a l l
Bored Lord – Celebrity Sepuku (Bored Lord Nudemix)
Artie Desu – Sunbeat
Stimulator Jones – Tempt Me With Your Love
Mirror Kisses – Genius
young&natural – Fall Asleep
cyberlust – frequent calls
Sau Poler – Juun
memory cards – C h a m p a g n e F a n t a s y
BEEMO – bb i luv u
Spitz Lang – Espresso
SAVON – Bria’s Interlude
Y U M I – 由美 – ビサイド島
☁WitekProdukcje☁ – SVD GIRL
Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza – Deep Essences
Kodak Cameo – love how you
Defled – Sculpture
varsee – jungle

total run time – 1.14.52