809, by high dart

Some awesome new experimental electronics brought to us by Fwonk. This album flies all over the place when it comes to genres, give it a listen front to back you are in for some sonic surprises!

Del01229, by L-Rai

Here’s a small but very interesting project from L-Rai, brought to us by Fwonk

Towards the top right hand corner of the cover lays a bright yellow star larger than ours. Around that star orbits 14 planets that, like in our own system, vary considerably. Many of these planets surfaces are unreachable, and may or may not contain life. However, one, just like Earth, is situated perfectly in a Goldilocks Zone. Therefore, a craft was able to approach and descend upon the planet and pick up recordings, images, and samples for further research.

Here is a small glimpse of the mysterious, unnamed planet coded as Del01229.

Sleepers by Phirnis / Katarrhaktes

Here’s some wicked new noise from the Fwonk* team, Phirnis + Katarrhaktes  “Sleepers” split LP

Consumism, by 3dtorus

Wonky beats from Fwonk by 3dtorus !

[FW154] Droplets, by echosonic

Delicious relaxing ambient tones, one single 12 minute track, available now via *Fwonk!


What Is It You Would Have Me Do?, by James Breeze

Enjoying some lovely music this morning, sipping my fresh cup of coffee, exploring the sonic goodies which have been presented to me! This is the latest single from UK artist James Breeze titled “What Is It You Would Have Me Do?”

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