Klang, by Danny Clay & Karl Fousek

Some modular noodling from Phinery

Fanta​-​C Plus, by Yàocavé

Brand new beautiful sounds, brought to us by Montréal’s Jeunesse Cosmique

Some New​-​Age Bullshit, by Grapefruit

Despite the name (quite a funny one, though I am a huge fan of New-Age sounds!),  this is a hypnotic collection of rhythmic excellence. Brought to us by Field Hymns Records

Only Forever, by [PHYSICS]

I cannot recommend this one enough, fantastic album right here, brought to us by Oaklands Constellation Tatsu

Lions In Sofia EP (2012), by Stefan Christov

Originally released in 2012, this is Stefan Christov’s first attempt at an album. Personally I think it is flowing with mellow brilliance and youthful energy.

Diamond Series 001, by Ghost Diamond

Glorious little 2-track featuring Dinosaur on Fire and Death’s Dynamic Shroud.wmv !!

Avril EP by ok lou

Avril, the debut EP by French artist ok lou. Brought to us by Memory N° 36