Dawn of Claymation, by Zach Dolin

Beautiful and Adorable sounds incoming!

Dawn of Claymation is a new 6-Track synth project by Zach Dolin brought to us by Ingrown Records. Hovering somewhere between chiptune soundtrack of your childhood favorite video game and long-lost solo project of *insert 70’s Prog Rock Keyboardist name here* – and the result is quite satisfying! Utilizing the Roland SC-88 Pro, Zach taps into the tones of the late 90’s, manifesting a strange world of freeware monster sprites zooming around the listener. Combined with the suggestion of “Claymation”, it is not hard at all to imagine these songs bumping behind some earthworm-jim-esque PC platforming. It’s triumphant and wholesome, with just enough substance to entice listen after listen. Giving this one a massive recommendation – you can pick up the digital version of the album via Bandcamp.

Consider supporting Ingrown Records directly as well as Zach via his personal bandcamp page!

THIS IS A BAND, by Gould ’72

Fresh from Gould ’72 (a.k.a. All These Fingers) is this quaint 3-track project THIS IS A BAND. And oh yes, a band it is. True band jams. These tunes remind me of playing tunes in the garage with friends – flavors of pavement-esqe noodlings melded together with steady grooves. It’s an ultimately satisfying take on ATF’s typical sound which tends to be sample based with a healthy dose of synths and boom baps. The style translates surprisingly well to a “Band” format, with fuzzy guitars and chugging bass occupying the real estate that used to be owned by synths and pads. Even with ROCKMAN I LOVE YOU, being perhaps the most alt-rock sounding of the 3 tracks, with an infectious melody in the hook performed by 2 drunk Brian May clones – it’s pretty damn terrific and highly recommended!

I D A , by El Valerie


Had this one recommended recently – plucky little bedroom pop tunes from New York singer/songwriter/producer El Valerie. 9 tracks with lyrics that are both thoughtful and playful, all accompanied by pretty satisfying lofi instrumentals. Nice honest music that is pleasing to listen to, like a dish that is seasoned properly for well-balanced delicious flavor!

Happy this one came my way, I am going to be checking out Valerie’s previous releases, and looking forward to future tunes…

Atelier Elektro, by Ametrom


Thoughtful and melodic synthwave from Canadian producer Ametrom, Atelier Electro is an enjoyable electro-disco record overflowing with riffs and lush synth arps! The 10-tracks are peppered with just the right amount of vocals – leaving plenty of room for the instrumentals to breathe, while also giving the album some additional weight and emotion.

On the whole, it’s a very positive record – melodies tend to be uplifting in a cute and nostalgic way, with steady tempo beats driving the tracks forward. There are some retro vibes, especially with certain riffs and passages, Ametrom utilizes some interesting instruments and sounds throughout. You might hear a sudden groove with organs blasting, guitars plucking and beautiful vocals – you begin to feel like you’re listening to something straight out of the 60’s.

I was very impressed with the sounds on this one. Ametrom clearly has a firm grasp on his tools and knows how to craft an experience. If you’re a fan of cinematic sounds, synthwave or cyberpunk style, you should really enjoy this one. The songwriting is tight and the execution is satisfying.

Night Eyes, by TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL & ΔCID.rar


Hairs aBlazin’ Label brings us this lovely split-cassette project featuring TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL & Δcid.rar . The vaporwave project has a loose concept to it, characterized by the eyes watching us from inside the album. The watchman has become lustful, and this is the soundtrack inside his thoughts… The music evokes thick feelings of nostalgia, longing, regret and hope.

Digital download is available via bandcamp as well as a Cassette available, edition of 24, so get em while you can! They look gorgeous with the red tape housed in a black case, and the artwork lending a VHS Tape vibe, digging it for sure and hopefully I can pick up a copy before they are all gone…


This Is Reverbnetics, by バーチャルボーイA T S U and Lisergishnu


Adhesive Sounds presents another marvelous project in This Is Reverbtronics, by バーチャルボーイA T S U and Lisergishnu. Lingering somewhere between Vaporwave and Synthwave, Reverbtronics does a splendid job of building an environment using a sonic toolkit. Dystopian and desolate, yet sprinkled with endearing hope.

Everyday, computers around us leave waves of resonance in our
lives. The binary echoes in our minds, from which our affection
to connectivity cannot be hidden.

Plastic cases hold the intrinsic desires of progress, plastered in
electrical traffic encoding our souls. Hidden pagodas which
manage our information highways beneath the soil.

Loneliness can be just an option for those immersed in this clash
of magnetic dissonance illuminating our world.

Those within the reverbnetics.

Sleeve design by Zodiac 1

バーチャルボーイA t s u



released April 14, 2017

The project is available for download or pick up a limited edition Cassette via bandcamp!

Lions In Sofia EP (2012), by Stefan Christov

Originally released in 2012, this is Stefan Christov’s first attempt at an album. Personally I think it is flowing with mellow brilliance and youthful energy.