Atelier Elektro, by Ametrom


Thoughtful and melodic synthwave from Canadian producer Ametrom, Atelier Electro is an enjoyable electro-disco record overflowing with riffs and lush synth arps! The 10-tracks are peppered with just the right amount of vocals – leaving plenty of room for the instrumentals to breathe, while also giving the album some additional weight and emotion.

On the whole, it’s a very positive record – melodies tend to be uplifting in a cute and nostalgic way, with steady tempo beats driving the tracks forward. There are some retro vibes, especially with certain riffs and passages, Ametrom utilizes some interesting instruments and sounds throughout. You might hear a sudden groove with organs blasting, guitars plucking and beautiful vocals – you begin to feel like you’re listening to something straight out of the 60’s.

I was very impressed with the sounds on this one. Ametrom clearly has a firm grasp on his tools and knows how to craft an experience. If you’re a fan of cinematic sounds, synthwave or cyberpunk style, you should really enjoy this one. The songwriting is tight and the execution is satisfying.

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