Neon China 9.0 – holoJamz / AsiaWave Collab Mix

Collaborative effort between AsiaWave and HoloJamz – Neon China 9.0 is a deliciously atmospheric synthwave journey with big nostalgic and emotional vibes. Enjoy and support these awesome labels, curators and musicians!

HOMEVIDEO, by Gould ’72


Gould ’72 is the newish/alternate project from established beatsmith All These Fingers seeing the producer take a more direct approach to songwriting, foregoing the tried-and-true methods of sample smashing and chopping. HOMEVIDEO showcases some serious chillwave styles that at times boarder on post-vaporwave. LORIMAR DEVELOPMENT HELL has to be my favorite track simply because of the synth tones used, it could have been a long-lost track to some video games OST, the backdrop to a mystical water level! If you aren’t familiar with ATF beats, Gould ’72 is a great place to start… And c’mon, theres an ALAN PARSONS PROJECT COVER!!!

Dimensional Shift, by Andrew Mouge


Dimensional Shift is a wonderful new long-playing project by Andrew Mouge (ex. Digital Image Plus LTD), released via Vivarium Recordings. Clocking nearly an hour in length, this album is powerful and vast, churning with themes of hope the future, big and thoughtful.

I got a particularly strong adventure vibe from some of the tracks, like Land of Blue Roses, making me feel like I am wandering some dreamlike landscape, attempting to solve inventory object puzzles!

The tracks bounce between post-vaporwave and lush ambient, touches of mallsoft and drone give the project some added depth as well. I often use the word satisfying to describe sounds that make me feel complete, or that help calm the turbulent atmosphere around me – and Dimensional Shift does all of that. Befitting of the name, I feel myself phasing in between dimensions, leaving my worries behind in some faraway place…

FRESH BATCH – June 10th 2019


Hello music lovers! It’s time for another FRESH BATCH of awesome underground music!

This week has proven to be ULTRA underground – with quite a few records and projects being “Self Released”. Seeing this trend got me thinking to myself – what really is the purpose of a record label these days? Certainly the role has changed in the past years and decades, leading many independent producers to push releases without any sort of Label backing. The self-release of projects is DIY to the core – and even if there isn’t a stated label presence, many of these releases are propelled forward by word of mouth and pure sonic interest.

So what does all this mean? What is the takeaway!? NOTHIN! Just a bunch of great music, so strap in and listen up folks, there’s gold in them-there hills!

Easy Listening, by Centrofovar
Self Released
Electropop / Lofi / Future Funk

Fondest Memory, by Rosentwig
Self Released
Chillwave / Electropop / Post-Vaporwave

改善策, by Jackswan Turner
Self Released
Atmospheric Beats / Experimental / Lofi

Romantic Walks to the Middle of Nowhere, by J_ade_
Self Released
Alternative Pop / R&B / Lofi

Mem Aleph, by Mukqs
Released by Jacktone Records
Techno / Atmospheric / Outsider House

DEMO., by Mr. Simpson
Released by Illuminated Paths
Experimental / Drone / Ambient

Released by Girly Girl Musik
Dark Ambient / Drone / Experimental

Micro Dub EP, by Malik Faquir
Released by Hello Strange
Dub / Techno / Ambient

Death Keeps Me Awake, by Distant Animals
Released by Engram Recordings
Experimental / Ambient / Noisescape

Suculenta, by Palm Era
Released by Ingrown Records
Lofi Beats / Outsider Techno / Experimental

Night Eyes, by TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL & ΔCID.rar


Hairs aBlazin’ Label brings us this lovely split-cassette project featuring TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL & Δcid.rar . The vaporwave project has a loose concept to it, characterized by the eyes watching us from inside the album. The watchman has become lustful, and this is the soundtrack inside his thoughts… The music evokes thick feelings of nostalgia, longing, regret and hope.

Digital download is available via bandcamp as well as a Cassette available, edition of 24, so get em while you can! They look gorgeous with the red tape housed in a black case, and the artwork lending a VHS Tape vibe, digging it for sure and hopefully I can pick up a copy before they are all gone…


FRESH BATCH – June 3rd 2019


Introducing a new column format on EternityTree – FRESH BATCHES!

The amount of new music being released at any given time can be overwhelming – but we are here to help out! Our Fresh Batches posts will highlight brand new music from a wide variety of genres – helping you cull through the noise to find true sonic gems!

This column will also serve as a place to report general news from the scene – from open calls for compilations to events and more (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This Batch features a hearty helping of Chillwave/Ambient as well as some other oddities, a lot of fantastic stuff that has been blasting out of the speakers this past week. Also an unintended nature theme, possibly influenced by the spring thawing its way into summer. Enjoy this specially selected collection, sit back and enjoy the ride…

Two Days – by Hiyori Sato & Moro Sato
Released by Tomorrow Entertainment Records
Chillhop / Lofi / Nostalgia

Timeless Entity (Self Titled)
Released By Bogus Collective
Experimental / Vaporwave / Naturewave

In Pursuit Of The Origin [Void_060] – by Void Opening
Released by Pastel Voids
Harsh Noise / Industrial / Electronic

Citylights LP – by Balmy
Self Released
UK Garage / Electronic / Ambient

Released by CHO OYU Records
Ambient Beats / Lofi / Naturewave

End of Sadness – by Mitei Narico
Released by Engram Recordings
Noise / Soundscape / Dark Ambient

Lake Monger – by Jack Burton
Released by Analogue Attic Recordings
Electronic / Analogue / Ambient

Yowling Seers – by Sparkling Wide Pressure
Released by Lillerne Tapes
Experimental / Plunderphonics / Vocal Abstraction

A C A D E M Y – by Hallmark ’87
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Outsider Ambient / Vaporwave / Mallsoft


Networks, by VCRNOT


Had to share this one ASAP because it was just so0o good. Dropped this past week via Tomorrow Entertainment Records – its the 6-track project Networks by VCRNOT.

This beautiful little release has been on repeat for me this afternoon. Big chill vibes, addicting melodies, a perfect blend of surreal energy and blissful relaxation. Each track being a microcosm – each with their own landscapes, their own rolling hills and towns to explore…

“Inner World” and “Utopia Glitch” are favorites of mine. I get massive feelings of wandering a mysterious new world – waking up in a familiar place that is at the same time strange and new! Like some kind of nostalgia lost to amnesia that I am being gifted back, triggered by the sounds.

Be sure to follow VCRNOT all over the interwebs, as well as Tomorrow Entertainment Records for a great catalog of music.





Commercial Dreams Ltd brings us another project of lo-fi vapor sounds from procuder TANE IS LOVE. NET FORCE is a satisfying 10-track released in August, but tastes fresh as if it came right off the shelf! Lots of soft-vibes and emotions going in this one, with TANE more concerned about shaping the atmosphere than some other musical prowess. It’s a blast to sit through this one and let yourself drift away…

World Edit, by Nyetscape


Nyetscape is one of my favorite producers and a long-time friend, this time he brings us this twisted little tape World Edit. Its a 2-track project (or 2 mini-mixes, standard tape format). Lots of depth and room to swim around in here, with enough melodies and textures to satisfy the most picky listener. Highly recommended listen, goes great with a morning coffee!!

V​.​2, by cityvswoods

Some fantastic electronic goodness, providing delicious rhythms and delicious beats, cityvswoods presents V.2