FRESH BATCH – June 3rd 2019


Introducing a new column format on EternityTree – FRESH BATCHES!

The amount of new music being released at any given time can be overwhelming – but we are here to help out! Our Fresh Batches posts will highlight brand new music from a wide variety of genres – helping you cull through the noise to find true sonic gems!

This column will also serve as a place to report general news from the scene – from open calls for compilations to events and more (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This Batch features a hearty helping of Chillwave/Ambient as well as some other oddities, a lot of fantastic stuff that has been blasting out of the speakers this past week. Also an unintended nature theme, possibly influenced by the spring thawing its way into summer. Enjoy this specially selected collection, sit back and enjoy the ride…

Two Days – by Hiyori Sato & Moro Sato
Released by Tomorrow Entertainment Records
Chillhop / Lofi / Nostalgia

Timeless Entity (Self Titled)
Released By Bogus Collective
Experimental / Vaporwave / Naturewave

In Pursuit Of The Origin [Void_060] – by Void Opening
Released by Pastel Voids
Harsh Noise / Industrial / Electronic

Citylights LP – by Balmy
Self Released
UK Garage / Electronic / Ambient

Released by CHO OYU Records
Ambient Beats / Lofi / Naturewave

End of Sadness – by Mitei Narico
Released by Engram Recordings
Noise / Soundscape / Dark Ambient

Lake Monger – by Jack Burton
Released by Analogue Attic Recordings
Electronic / Analogue / Ambient

Yowling Seers – by Sparkling Wide Pressure
Released by Lillerne Tapes
Experimental / Plunderphonics / Vocal Abstraction

A C A D E M Y – by Hallmark ’87
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Outsider Ambient / Vaporwave / Mallsoft


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