Diamond Series 006


As I am sure many of you know by now, I am a big fan of Ghost Diamonds “Diamond Series”, a collection of mini-releases, each consisting of two tracks by different artists. This formula is quick, refreshing, and they always manage to bring some interesting sounds to the table. This round is no different! Diamond Series 006 is soaked in retro nostalgia, with the second track diving head first into a 50’s Righteous Brothers cover. This was a pleasure to listen to quite a few times, I encourage you to give it a run and check out the rest of the Diamond Series while you’re at it!

released 30 June 2015

Diamond Series 005

Anyone who follows the blog knows that I am a fan of Ghost Diamonds “Diamond Series”, and this latest installation does not disappoint…

Diamond Series 003 and 004

New Diamond Series from Ghost Diamond guys

Diamond Series 001, by Ghost Diamond

Glorious little 2-track featuring Dinosaur on Fire and Death’s Dynamic Shroud.wmv !!