Janiform, by BABEL

Deep, dark and twisted sounds from BABEL

The Unified Consciousness, by Internet Goddess Shinatama

A surreal juxtaposition of new age relaxation and digital urgency.

Anti​-​Gravity Tea Ceremony, by kuxxan SUUM

Experimental and rowdy, give this new techno from kuxxan SUUM a listen…

Deep Venture, by Lars Leonhard

Another phenomenal album from one of my favorite dub-techno producers Lars Leonhard. It’s deep and relaxing, with churning low end complimented by gorgeous synth pads.

Shirt Roundup #1: Black & White

With this post, Eternity Tree will now be posting frequent product roundups to feature new artists. Each “Roundup” will be loosely based around a concept, such as a style or particular artist. Links are provided for those interested in supporting the artists, or just picking up some new threads!

For our first roundup we are keeping it nice and simple. Black and White graphics on a shirt can be both stunning and provocative. This collection of shirts presents an interesting assortment of textures and styles, though I personally think they all have a beautiful melancholy aesthetic to them. Do you agree? What other types of collections would you like to see featured? And as always, submissions are accepted and encouraged.

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Klang, by Danny Clay & Karl Fousek

Some modular noodling from Phinery

Hauntroduction, by X Walker & Pun Collins

Phinery brings us a nice little 4-track of dark and cinematic beats by X Walker and Pun Collins

Prism, by Western Skies Motel

Phenomenal solo-guitar pieces, could not recommend this one more!!!!

Del01229, by L-Rai

Here’s a small but very interesting project from L-Rai, brought to us by Fwonk

Towards the top right hand corner of the cover lays a bright yellow star larger than ours. Around that star orbits 14 planets that, like in our own system, vary considerably. Many of these planets surfaces are unreachable, and may or may not contain life. However, one, just like Earth, is situated perfectly in a Goldilocks Zone. Therefore, a craft was able to approach and descend upon the planet and pick up recordings, images, and samples for further research.

Here is a small glimpse of the mysterious, unnamed planet coded as Del01229.

Turismo by, Christian Michael Filardo

A new 2-track project from creative mastermind Christian Michael Filardo. This project is full of sharp electronic noise composition and lo-fi drones. Brought to us by PHINERY