Offerings (2008​-​2015), by All These Fingers

In case you have not been keeping up with beatmaker All These Fingers, or perhaps you are new to the name entirely, he has recently released a massive collection of over 50+ tunes the man has made over the past 7 years. For those unfamiliar with his catalog this will serve as a fantastic introduction, and for the fans it is a mastermix of the best so throw it in the car or ipod!

Breakwater, by Zoltan Ban

Delicious little dub project with a nice remix on the back end. Very nice…

​JADI, by Adverb

Awesome beautiful ambient sounds from Adverb. Released by Etoka Records.

Anti​-​Gravity Tea Ceremony, by kuxxan SUUM

Experimental and rowdy, give this new techno from kuxxan SUUM a listen…


Fantastic Vaporwave from NEW FIGURE VARIETY

“Lawd Forgive Me” by MCFERRDOG

Simply amazing release, if you respect your ears and your brain you shall listen….

* k o o m, by Maps & Diagrams

Sipping some coffee this dank and cold morning, listening to some new warm sounds from the talented ambient electro-acoustic producer Maps & Diagrams.


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Magnitude, by Faidel and Warmth

Greetings music lovers!!!

First of all, apologies for the absence, had to take a little while off listening to so much new music every day. But now back to our regularly scheduled programming. This morning I am enjoying some deep-house vibes from Etoka Records, MAGNITUDE by two awesome producers, Faidel and Warmth.


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