M0NT3NAP0L30N3, by Mr. Coquedeux

Here is some beautiful new vaporwave brought to us by Italy’s Midnight Side. Nearly 30 tracks to help usher in those steamy summer nights.

809, by high dart

Some awesome new experimental electronics brought to us by Fwonk. This album flies all over the place when it comes to genres, give it a listen front to back you are in for some sonic surprises!

Rebuilding by Citrus Glaze

Adhesive Sounds brings us a lovely little tape from Citrus Glaze, filled with rhythmic goodies and melodic feelings.

Zemli, by Tikhie Kamni

Hauntingly beautiful new sounds from Full of Nothing

ccCaffeine_xx 1995™, by ccCaffeine

Here is some dank and twisted vapor goodness. You guys know I love my coffee, so this one really spoke to me ;D

Prism, by Western Skies Motel

Phenomenal solo-guitar pieces, could not recommend this one more!!!!

Destination Unknown, by Two-Year Carnival

Very nice 4-track release from Two-Year Carnival; brought to us by Jeunesse Cosmique 

Sloww Lyfe EP, by Sloww Lyfe

Some awesome blissful pop courtesy of Memory No36 Recordings; a fresh EP by NorCal artist Sloww Lyfe infuses 80’s nostalgia, vapor tones and bedroom beats. What a wonderful debut from this artist.

Fanta​-​C Plus, by Yàocavé

Brand new beautiful sounds, brought to us by Montréal’s Jeunesse Cosmique

Queen of Wands, by YlangYlang

Always nice to wake up to some new YlangYlang! Enjoy this little 3-piece wonder.