At the End of the Rainbow There’s a Sunset Without Regrets, by Oh Woe

Quite a beautiful full-length project by Oh Woe, released by HoloJamz – drifting somewhere between alternative ambient and dream pop, At the End of the Rainbow There’s a Sunset Without Regrets is a masterpiece of melancholy beyond classification. I was hooked the moment I heard a washed out Debussy floating my direction over the airwaves – lots of plunderphonic goodness drenched in a thick haze of nostalgia. Feelings of soggy summer nights, you can almost smell it the atmosphere is so potent….

Cold night, by TWIN COLUMNS

Nice new sounds from TWIN COLUMNS – lush and satisfying synthwave with a melancholic ambiance. Melodies and riffs for days, most of which would be at home on either a Vangelis album or perhaps Twin Peaks soundtrack. Majestic and thoughtful, with just the right splashes of nostalgia and quirk. Quite an enjoyable listen – perhaps if we’re lucky we will see a physical release for this one!

CONTEMPO, by Diskette Park


Seikomart Japan presents us with this lovely long player from Diskette Park, Contempo. 22 tracks of lush washed-out Vaporwave that rides the mallsoft vibe quite well – offering a great balance of melody and texture. The album is quite cohesive, after playing this one top to bottom a few times, it’s something wonderful to experience as a whole piece. There’s definitely some stand out hits, but it’s best to just sit back and get lost in it….


𝕭𝖗𝖔𝖔𝖐𝖑𝖞𝖓 𝕲𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖊𝖓𝖘 by NANCY


Oh would you look at that face! How could you deny such blissful pleasure – sure pure joy, a joy you will obviously find after indulging in this lovely little beat tape by NANCY. Brought to us by Liebermann & Schwartz, a mysterious new imprint – 𝕭𝖗𝖔𝖔𝖐𝖑𝖞𝖓 𝕲𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖊𝖓𝖘 is a delicious little 7 track tape, packed with smooth samples and dusty chops. It’s pretty much been on rotation for me this past week. Premium piano riffs float effortlessly above boom bap percussion – doing justice to the proclaimed brooklyn theme, evoking feelings of rainy streets and kebab meats….

マジックタッチ, by ÉT♢ILΞS


Tomorrow Entertainment Records has been really hitting my sweet spot with their past few releases, and their most recent album of wonders is no exception! 10 tracks of lush vocal-heavy vaporwave with a fuzzy clarity. Tasty and thoughtful chopping and warping make this one an interesting listen, quite rewarding as the tracks wander onward….

Emerald, by boycalledcrow


Emerald is the latest full-length project from electronic producer boycalledcrow. Had this one recommended a little while back and I have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since! It’s a playfully vibrant collection of tracks that evokes lofty feelings of magic cyber fantasy – at many times I felt the world around me was transforming into a N64 platformer.

There is a big video game vibe on this one – with melodic synths ringing over the tracks like wind chimes – buzzing bass guiding us around this strange new world. Subtle energy is also a big theme, with vibes and feelings flourishing rather than being smothered by overcompensation. Percussion is often sparse and merely a suggestion – rhythms and energies being delegated across the sonic spectrum.

I adore boycalledcrows wide spectrum of sounds – with acoustic instruments mingling flawlessly with lush electronics – it’s not electroacoustic but it definitely adds some premium texture and depth when in appears! The whole thing is very mellow, with a relaxed positive aesthetic and all around ease, making it wonderful for repeat listens.

The CD edition of the album is available via Wormhole World Records


I-95, by I-95 Exit-98- Santee, South Carolina USA


Dropped last November on Tomorrow Entertainment Records – 1-95 is an interesting little vapor study. It’s a fantastic project, dense with fuzzy vibes leaking through the speakers. Perfect soundtrack for a hazy road trip up the coast…

Really found myself getting lost in this one, and coming back to it again and again. Part of it is the artwork – I am forever attracted to top-down photography of landscapes, map-style you might say – even better when roads/highways are involved (for whatever reason) It obviously suits the release well, but it also has a unique aura, likely urged on by the color palette. Something about it just draws me in, again and again.

Controversial, by Luxury Elite

Treating myself to some quick goodies this morning, Controversial, the 3-track EP from Luxury Elite available via TAR


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