Controversial, by Luxury Elite

Treating myself to some quick goodies this morning, Controversial, the 3-track EP from Luxury Elite available via TAR


Controversial is a 3 song project from vaporwave artist Luxury Elite, an artist with an already daunting discography, featuring some true old school funky hits. Each of the three tracks are washed out in static bliss, while maintaining a crispness which is respectable in any vaporwave release. The whole EP is soaked in melodies that scream 80’s waiting room themes and crusty VHS tapes of old QVC favorites. Dense and playful, I found myself throwing this thing on repeat!

Limited to a short 3 tracks (which is part of the Labels specialty, curating 3-track releases from all sorts of artists), I did feel like I needed a little bit more to digest. Though each of the 3 tracks are fleshed out and fulfilling, I wanted to keep the ball rolling. Lucky for me there is a massive plethora of material available from Luxury Elite available via bandcamp and soundcloud.

My favorite aspect of this release was the vibe I got, pure retro mall feelings. The tracks kept me interested, sounding organic and providing movement between the instrumentation, and each having their own distinct vibe. I look forward to the next full length from Luxury Elite, and I am also excited to do a little exploring of this record label TAR and their 3-track releases. If you are a fan of retro vapor tunes this is definitely a must-listen! You can download the EP from the labels bandcamp page.

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