Our Season, by Lost Trail/Plains Druid

Good morning internet fiends and music lovers! Today I have some lovely sounds cascading towards me and my steaming cup of coffee; the latest split cassette release from Little League Records, OUR SEASON by Lost Trail and Plains Druid.

Lost Trail - Plains Druid - Our Season - cover

Our Season is a well settled piece of ambient dreamscape, weighing in at nearly an hour of music. Side A consists of works by the duo Zachary and Denny Corsa a.k.a. Lost Trail, a project I am quite familiar with and a large fan of! Side B consists of a track constructed by Jon McIntosh under the moniker Plains Druid.

Side A introduces the record in a very subtle and mellow way. Noise and sound swirl together with blissful samples flying about, just melodic enough to be a step above melancholy. Lost Trail brings us 7 individual tracks of post-rock excellence. The tape vibe washes out the structure, blurring together the sounds of strange discussion and found ambience. Thoroughly enjoyable.

The opposite Side B is one massive track, an epic dreamwalk through pastel bubbles and candy trees… something truly relaxing, peaceful and harmonious. Delicious chanting is paired with droning synthesizers, tempo being kept by washed out rhythmic elements, stomping somewhere in the distance. Throughout the track the tone swirls and changes lethargically, creating an incredibly interesting and enjoyable half hour of tunes.

The combination and juxtaposition of these two projects makes this tape all the more appealing. Each side of OUR SEASON can be listened to independently, but everyone benefits if the whole tape is enjoyed in one sitting. Once again this is HIGHLY recommended listening, you can download the whole project for free via the labels bandcamp, but if  you’d like to support please consider purchasing a tape from the same page!

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