Assorted Vaporwave Issue #9

V ▲ P Y D has been doing serious work compiling and curating some great tunes and interviews via his Assorted Vaporwave mix series – currently being uploaded to Soundcloud. Catch them while you can, with only one-or-two remaining available simultaneously – though there seems to be plans to archive old issues on another platform. Tune in now!

Aereo by S.a.x


Fresh from netlabel is this lush and soulful vaportape Aereo by S.a.x

Fantastic samples with a thick aesthetic and atmosphere, Aereo harnesses intoxicating riffs that leave you begging for more. It’s easy to imagine yourself soaring at a comfortable altitude, your swagger increased by the incredible amount of cocktails you’ve consumed. It’s a wonder the flight attendants haven’t cut you off yet, but that is the American Dream, isn’t it…..

Dark Bandwidth, by Diskette Park


Diskette Park returns with a premium collection of late-night slushwave Dark Bandwidth. This tight 8-track project is packed with super lush long playing tracks with proper grooves that don’t let you go! In typical Diskette Park style, the chopping and riffs featured are absolutely hypnotic and addicting, easily making this one a double playthrough candidate.

Diskette Park has recently dealt with a natural disaster of sorts and has seem some equipment fried! This is a great time to support the artist and throw some coffee money into that bandcamp pay-what-you-want box…

NAVI elite, by Δελφοί


Dropped at the end of last month via DMT Tapes – this debut full-length from Δελφοί brings some wonderful vibes to the table. Fuzzy and blissful vape concepts here, and some heady longforms at that! Generous treatment of the atmosphere makes this one really dense and robust. Some really nice grooves and melodies, with haunting mysterious voices guiding the tracks along… Great background listening, and rewarding when you pay attention!

Your Call is Very Important to Us, by LVSTER


Nice washed-out vapor sounds presented by Vivarium Recordings,  featuring 14 lush tracks with a nice lounge vibe. Huge focus on emotion and texture in this one, making me feel like I am standing in a hotel lobby in 1994 waiting on hold on a payphone. The whole release also gave me very light Steely Dan vibes, particularly with the highlighted samples and melodies used. Overall a very enjoyable listen!

Waterbed, by Tendencies


Orange Milk Records recently dropped a new tape of glowing future-funk goodness, Waterbed,  from producer Tendencies. This is a 6 track project full of energy and awesome beats. Not shy on the use of vocal samples, it makes this a very poppy and listenable tape. Packed with wicked bass-lines and catchy melodies, this one is definitely worth a listen. And if you like it, you can grab a copy on Tape as well!

Favorite Track: 3. Waterbed

Brandon Smith’s Tendencies project shines through a lot of 2015’s Vaporwave overload with some of the heaviest and most heart-pounding grooves I’ve heard in the Future Funk sub-genre. The music is beautifully trapped between poles: hi-fidelity disco shimmer and YouTube digital grit, 70s and 80s material Product placement excess and early 21st century intangible commodity explosions, side chained sample madness against a clear and distinct producer and songwriter’s ear.
released October 9, 2015

Erotic Museum, by MA BOARD OLYMPIC


Erotic Museum is the new project from MA BOARD OLYMPIC and release via Italy’s Midnight Side Records. This 10 track project is soaked in future-funk rhythm that makes it impossible to sit still in your seat. Packed full of energy and color the album glides from one track to the next, giving it tons of replay value. You can stream and download the album for free via bandcamp!


MA BOARD OLYMPIC has joined our side with a very sweet present called ‘Erotic Museum’, a gathering of dusty and glamorous vaporwave pills. As MSRNGK004, the 10-tracks album is like a colored jukebox from outer space: you can choose your favourite atmosphere and sound, passing through blurry and bubbly melodies to payback and emphatic feelings. Beatdown style is the common denominator for a very hot release. These precious tunes are made from the heart with love, enjoy ‘Erotic Museum’ for free!


released 13 September 2015

Claymation Playstation, by うつ病


Welcome Beauty Sounds hits us with another twisted masterpiece in the form of Claymation Playstation. Otherworldly melodies are the backbone of this diverse album, which is a relaxing journey perfect for any afternoon session.

Favorite Track: 12. Water Room

Marijuana-midi-mixtape. Non-sample blunt vapor island escape for your wildest dreams to blaze up in. Claymation Playstation is a plastic beat tape consisting of original weed midi funks to listen to on shuffle and repeat. Peace.

released 23 June 2015