s e a s o n a l, by AFP/FFF

Beautiful experimental vapornoise, brought to us by Vacuum Noise Records. 2 tracks drifting around melancholy dreampunk drones, slushy vocals resting ontop of plump, fuzzy and cavernous atmospherics. A brief yet satisfying study of sounds, headphone listening highly recommended! Especially getting into the second track, devolving into nearly musique concrete tonal wandering as things become stretched around the listener in 4 dimensions.

Your Call is Very Important to Us, by LVSTER


Nice washed-out vapor sounds presented by Vivarium Recordings,  featuring 14 lush tracks with a nice lounge vibe. Huge focus on emotion and texture in this one, making me feel like I am standing in a hotel lobby in 1994 waiting on hold on a payphone. The whole release also gave me very light Steely Dan vibes, particularly with the highlighted samples and melodies used. Overall a very enjoyable listen!