VIIV, by Hendiadys

Good morning music lovers of all shapes and sizes, today I have some noisy drone for you to enjoy! It’s the new short album from the duo Hendiadys titled VIIV.

Released the beginning of this year, January 22nd to be precise, VIIV appears to be the third release from team Hendiadys, consisting of the two musicians Jean-Baptiste Lévêque and Benjamin Moreau and their collaborative process. With this album we find plenty of drone-tone to sink our teeth into, combined with a healthy amount of soundscapes and even rhythms, it makes for a splendid little album!

Unfortunately, this album is only two tracks long, surely leaving anyone who enjoys wanting more, but one cannot complain when both tracks are wonderful compositions. “VII“, the first piece, is harsh and massive with an unholy mechanical churning washing all around. It begins with a dark, haunting beat, swirled with ripping reverse pianos and flying distortion, eventually settling into drifting yet anxious drones.

The second track, titled “V“, weighs in one minute longer than the former, at 9 minutes of ambient bliss. This is a wonderfully constructed piece, a perfect journey leading up a mountain and back down to the valley. The song starts with quite peaceful bell-tones, securing a sense of relaxation and comfort. Slowly the duo adds layer upon layer of fuzzy grit, urgency increasing by the moment accompanied by mysterious gliding klaxons. By the end of the track, we are once again lulled into a safe zone with a pulsing melody and throbbing tones, meandering about until eventually wandering out of view…

All in all, this was a splendid little release, easy to digest as the whole projects runs for under 20 minutes. While it is available digitally via the groups bandcamp, it appears there will be physical Cassette versions available, so keep an eye out for links if thats your cup of tea! In the end, I definitely recommend this release to any fans of ambient or drone genres, you won’t be disappointed but surely you will want more!

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