\\\ , by ///

Tonight I am kicking back, listening to some interesting new sounds, this time brought to you by drone project /// out of Camarillo, CA.

Abstract unpronounceable names aside, this is a quaint and strange little release of ambient music. Stumbled across this one accidentally, artwork caught my eye as a serene and interesting scape of feelings. I plunged inward on this strange trip through “\\\” by /// 

Supremely short, it is but a taste of a surreal landscape. 3 “untitled” tracks comprise the release, each delicately composed with lush synthesizers. Nothing to jolt you from your seat, you are guided upward into a glowing cloud of warmth. Wonderful and simple, the feelings are of joy and interest.

The first track is also the longest, being just under 3 and a half minutes, this is an insanely short release. Further investigation reveals another release from earlier this month by the same artist by the same exact name! Moderate confusion may occur, but its all zoned out so its kosher.

All in all, surprised to find little goodies like this all the time, hope to hear more from this developing and mysterious artist. Go take a listen and explore the sonic things.

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