℘ ◌ ṧ⊥➸℘♄ø⊥☮﹩ℌø℘, by DIY▲PYЯΛMID (Post-Photoshop, by DIY Pyramid)

Currently I am listening to and enjoying this fresh release from DIY PYRAMID titled “Post-Photoshop, and boy is this release DENSE. Released earlier this months August 8th via Ailanthus Recordings.

Post-Photoshop” is a perfect glimpse at deep-internet and “post” culture. With tracks such as p r i v a c y f o l d e r and s e r i e s f i n a l e, it is a release rooted in computer society and 21st century broken dreams. The vibe presented by the general aesthetics of this album is one of a digital haze; wandering thru chat rooms and lost webpages at 4 AM, plunging yourself deeper and deeper into the web realm.

Most of these tracks embody a huge drone environment; creating perhaps the ambient soundscape one would hear upon stepping physically into Internet Explorer. Interesting synthesizers float around some truly bizzarre sounds. Very textural and abstract in its presentation, however the chordal  progressions hidden among the tracks give them a more song-like feel than your traditional drone track.

There is a ton of information available to help steer your feelings in the right direction while listening to this album on the bandcamp page; descriptions are given for each individual track as well as further insights to the project from the creator. Overall its quite an interesting album, though relatively short, I am reassured there will be a DIY PYRAMID season 2. I can sleep well tonight.

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