Thursday afternoon, I am sitting back getting ready to clean some emails out and clean my room, i find myself listening to the latest project from RIOTMEADOWS, ENVMODCAST

ENVMODCAST is an interesting concept, described on its bandcamp page as “natural”, “Dreamscape” and “headnod”, all of which can be liberally applied to this release. Amidst strange bumps and flutters most of these tracks settle into quite a pleasing groove!

One word that comes to mind when listening to this release is DENSE. There is SO MUCH sound packed into this release its a little wicked! Swirling combos of grained digital decay layered with fluttering samples and woodland instruments. The duality of natural and unnatural tones creates a distinct vibe which washes over the albums 13 tracks.

This album tip-toes the line of drone and ambient-beats, a glazed vision of a forest teeming with life built entirely within a computer program. Through filters and flourishes ENVMODCAST shows us snapshots of beautiful locations we will possibly never see. The pure amount of activity and ideas packed within this release makes it much more than your average drone record. Songs like “MEGA” take a high-energy approach, packing SO MUCH sonic exploration within a mere minute and 44 seconds; tracks like “WHAT THEY THINK THEY KNOW” and “GLOSS” take a more beat-style approach, glistening with strange sounds as the sporadic percussion pushes the piece ever forward.

Overall I found this to be a very enjoyable release, recently enjoying RIOTMEADOWS TITANIUM COMA SEEDS project along side this one, I can say that ENMODCAST seems like a much more ambitious project and I really hope it grows and expands with future releases! Enjoy the album via bandcamp right now, there is also a hint that there will be a cassette tape version made available via Swan City Sounds in the future, though I have no further details. Please enjoy!

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