Newport Pleasure!, by Public Spreads the News

Electrogrooves from another dimension bubbling deep beneath you…

Favorite Track : 13. Jaguar


Some truly-twisted tunes from ADHD NFL BLITZ, released by Ailanthus Recordings

Eccojam // Vaporwave // Plunderphonics

1843, by Marcus Eads

Good morning music lovers! I am lucky enough to be doing a little write-up for one of my favorite musicians of the past year or so; Marcus Eads is a improvisational guitarist and songwriter from Minnesota, and this is his first full-length album of 2014 titled “1843”.

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℘ ◌ ṧ⊥➸℘♄ø⊥☮﹩ℌø℘, by DIY▲PYЯΛMID (Post-Photoshop, by DIY Pyramid)

Currently I am listening to and enjoying this fresh release from DIY PYRAMID titled “Post-Photoshop, and boy is this release DENSE. Released earlier this months August 8th via Ailanthus Recordings.

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