Vermillion Pleasure Nights, by Politesse

Vermillion Pleasure Nights is a full-length album from producer Politesse in which he spins us a world of 13 tracks full of sonic wonder and exploration. Released in January 2013 via Woozy Tribe.

VPN coins itself to be lo-fi and experimental, neither which I can argue! The blissful pads swelling everywhere paired with endlessly echoing guitars creates an environment all its own. Some tracks are more abstract than others, though never does Politesse leave behind his pop sensibilities, which is a strong point of this album.

Whether crafting a floating ambient piece or jams reminiscent of the vapor-wave movement, everything ties together in a not too harsh or too offensive sort of way. I would say these tracks are all about feeling it out, not so much listening for nuances or incredible bits, but for feeling on a whole. Something lovely to put on behind a days work or on a nice quiet drive somewhere.

Anyways you can decide for yourself over at the labels bandcamp!

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