.​.​.​with my friends, by Reversed Reference


…with my friends is the latest Full-Length project from producer Reversed Reference – released at the beginning of last month, this one has floated through my airwaves quite a few times. It’s a sprawling collection of ideas – where as the name suggests we find RR collaborating with quite a few fellow artists. The result is a smorgasbord of styles and sounds, flourishing with post-vapor flavor, all very lush and delicious. 

Looks like there are still some tapes available at the time this is published, get your hands on one before they’re gone!

SLIME?COMP. by Vacuum Noise Records


Dropped like a bowl of pudding at the fridge in the middle of the night – SLIME?COMP is the latest compilation construction from Vacuum Noise Records (masterminds behind ANYWAVE and much more). Mystery and anticipation swirled around this project for weeks, from the bizarre call for SLIMEPUNK submissions that raised eyebrows, to the shift towards slimeWAVE which raised more than eyebrows! Er, anyways I am probably a bit biased towards these compilations as I have contributed to both, but I really enjoy them both thoroughly. The sounds themselves are quite experimental of course, with such a nebulous slimy criteria who could expect anything else – resulting in a really interesting tracklist this time around – and a satisfying one at that.

Some personal favorites include tracks by doctorb, V ▲ P Y D, b l u e s c r e e n and Reversed Reference, but there is a plethora of jams here to enjoy. Oh and you’d already have this album in your library by now if you subscribed to VNR4LYF

W O R L S D 探査 by Marlowave2 0 9 9™


New sounds presented by the BOGUS // Collective team – WORLSD.com by Marlowave2099 is a long-playing epic of ambient vapor and mallsoft styles. Concepts of a lost and lonely virtual world swirl in the minds eye – logging on, creating an avatar, and floating directionless in the cybersea. Some really nice treatment of melodies and moods here – sometimes the soundtrack gets a bit spooky, but never overtly dark. Marlowave2099 has done a great job of constructing a world with these sounds…

NAVI elite, by Δελφοί


Dropped at the end of last month via DMT Tapes – this debut full-length from Δελφοί brings some wonderful vibes to the table. Fuzzy and blissful vape concepts here, and some heady longforms at that! Generous treatment of the atmosphere makes this one really dense and robust. Some really nice grooves and melodies, with haunting mysterious voices guiding the tracks along… Great background listening, and rewarding when you pay attention!

Dimensional Shift, by Andrew Mouge


Dimensional Shift is a wonderful new long-playing project by Andrew Mouge (ex. Digital Image Plus LTD), released via Vivarium Recordings. Clocking nearly an hour in length, this album is powerful and vast, churning with themes of hope the future, big and thoughtful.

I got a particularly strong adventure vibe from some of the tracks, like Land of Blue Roses, making me feel like I am wandering some dreamlike landscape, attempting to solve inventory object puzzles!

The tracks bounce between post-vaporwave and lush ambient, touches of mallsoft and drone give the project some added depth as well. I often use the word satisfying to describe sounds that make me feel complete, or that help calm the turbulent atmosphere around me – and Dimensional Shift does all of that. Befitting of the name, I feel myself phasing in between dimensions, leaving my worries behind in some faraway place…

マジックタッチ, by ÉT♢ILΞS


Tomorrow Entertainment Records has been really hitting my sweet spot with their past few releases, and their most recent album of wonders is no exception! 10 tracks of lush vocal-heavy vaporwave with a fuzzy clarity. Tasty and thoughtful chopping and warping make this one an interesting listen, quite rewarding as the tracks wander onward….