Sherburne County Instrumentals, by Marcus Eads

Made my coffee a little bit weak this morning by accident , so I am sitting back nice and easy, breezing to the sounds of Marcus Eads newest project, Sherburne County Instrumentals…


Released November 21st, 2014, this is the most recent collection of creations from improvisational guitarist Marcus Eads. Sherburne County Instrumentals is a brief collection of songs and musings which, much in the nature of Marcus’s entire catalogue,  invoke a distinctly archaic americana. The native Minnesotan takes us on a geographically significant journey through the 8 tracks of this release, and the result is breathtaking. The whole album is a solo performance, recorded via a single track with no additions via mixing or multitracking, however the sheer fullness of Marcus’s stylings paired with a cavernous mix do wonders to trick the listener into hearing two, and sometimes three, simultaneous musicians! A rhythmic pulse leads all of the melodies forward through nostalgia drenched progressions.

As with all of Marcus’s releases, I am once again impressed at how just by listening I can be transported to a different place and time entirely. The album is available for download by donation via the bandcamp page!

Recorded live at Studio B in Elk River, MN
October-November, 2014

All single-track recordings. No overdubs.

Instruments played:

• a Cort Earth 70 steel string acoustic guitar (tracks 3,5 and 6)
• a Yamaha C55 classical acoustic guitar (tracks 1, 2 and 7)
• a Diamond Head DU 150 soprano ukulele (track 4)

Review from Modern Folk Music of America:

Thanks for listening!

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