The World Company I, by The World Company

Toronto based label Adhesive Sounds presents a 6-track vaporfunk tape from The World Company.

Lovely classic-computer sounds on this one. While certainly not classic vaporwave in the traditional sense, the project utilizes sampling tropes and general tone while expanding into funk and midiwave. The tracks evoke timeless midi tunes like Canyon.mid, embracing classic tones commonly utilized in late 90’s computer music.

What elevates this tape above other vaporfunk projects is its restraint, being mixed and structured very modestly, along with a very deep rhythmic understanding and satisfying percussive ideas packed into the vapor-haze.

You can download/stream the project now from Adhesive Sounds Bandcamp, along with a limited run (30 copies) of cassette tapes as well.

Self Titled EP, by CTRL 94

Fresh things from Dream Museum Records – it’s the self-titled EP from CTRL 94 (Kayla Smith). A 7-track project that drifts around ambient vaporwave and synthwave styles, with a heavy lean towards a luscious feeling of nostalgia. Loads of playful synthesizers and hearty drum machine grooves keep the listeners attention throughout the project. There’s a very strong sense of melody on a lot of these tracks, lending to the feeling of nostalgia even more especially in the middle few tracks, which sound distinctly like some b-sides off a mid-80’s producers power pop demos in the absolute best way possible. Funky flavors of reminiscent of The Time and other prince protégés, memorable riffs sticking in your head throughout the day, beckoning for you to return. Download the digital or pick up a Cassette while they’re still available!