The World Company I, by The World Company

Toronto based label Adhesive Sounds presents a 6-track vaporfunk tape from The World Company.

Lovely classic-computer sounds on this one. While certainly not classic vaporwave in the traditional sense, the project utilizes sampling tropes and general tone while expanding into funk and midiwave. The tracks evoke timeless midi tunes like Canyon.mid, embracing classic tones commonly utilized in late 90’s computer music.

What elevates this tape above other vaporfunk projects is its restraint, being mixed and structured very modestly, along with a very deep rhythmic understanding and satisfying percussive ideas packed into the vapor-haze.

You can download/stream the project now from Adhesive Sounds Bandcamp, along with a limited run (30 copies) of cassette tapes as well.

Home Theater, by CGI Gold™ 複合

Heartfelt Midi-Jams by CGI Gold™ 複合, presented by Bogus Collective.

Home Theater is an adorably nostalgic project with both feet firmly planted in historic midi sounds. Harkening back to the days of home computers and retro Roland sound modules. CGI Gold incorporates several of these motifs that you may just recognize.

Even if the riffs are not familiar, the uninitiated listener will still feel a unique energy from the chords and tones used. Huge synthesized drumkits smash and bash behind artificial yet wholesome midi tones. Sound wise – everything is ripped straight from the 90’s, soaked in strange summer vibes of yesteryear.

It’s a fun listen from start to finish, with plenty of energy and grooves to keep things interesting. While not necessarily Vaporwave, Home Theater sees use of many techniques like conservative sample flipping, chopping and stuttering. The core midi flavor is never unhinged however, no matter how hazy or sliced the sounds are, they always find their way back to those nostalgic rhythms and tones.

The 11 tracks steam by at light speed – making this one perfect for repeat listens. You can stream and download the project now via Bogus Collectives Bandcamp Page.