Lion Cuts, by CDX


Impressive in scale and bold in execution, Lion Cuts is the latest full-length by multifaceted producer Tim Thornton (CDX, Tiger Village), brought to us by Doom Trip Records out of LA. Tight and diverse, like an expertly curated charcuterie platter, and it’s equally delicious!

CDX reaches into the massive pool of electronic history, swirling it around and emerging with an inspired and unique collection of tracks. At any moment you could pinpoint genres being mashed and merged – acid bass churning over chillhop beats, all mingling with massive synthwave atmospheres. Have no fear of over-complexity or pretentious un-listenability – Lion Cuts manages to be pleasantly easy to digest from start to finish. Even as CDX peppers in dissonance and experiments in structure and noise, it all serves to a larger experience of bubbly energy and sonic excitement.

Twenty Two II is one of my favorites, easily getting stuck in my head for hours at a time. Rose Gold Relationship Goals is another that really stays with me, the groove is so satisfying I want to hit repeat and keep the party going.

The record is available via Doom Trip Records digitally and on Cassette (Limit to 100 copies).


MPH EP05, by Monophonia


From Brazilian netlabel Microforma comes this brief yet satisfying 4-track by Monophonia titled MPH EP05.

Clinical is presentation from the naming to the artwork, this one allows the sound to be the driving focus. Without the clutter of other forced interpretations, we are presented with 4 deeply satisfying minimal techno works – can we call them tracks? At almost 2 minutes a piece, these can be more perceived as the most exquisite loops you’ve ever experienced. Post-Techno indeed, short enough for fleeting attention spans, but addicting enough that you want to come back once it’s over. Rich and wholesome synthesizers construct microcosms in an instant, only needing moments to latch onto the host and inject the memory of eons…

Introduction to Docetism: Trees & Saints


There seems to be a churning energy happening all over the underground music scene currently, and in an interesting way it all seems to be tied into impressively large projects! Here we have presented by polish Ambient/Dub label Nichts 2-20 track collections of Docetism tracks from the past 7 years. DAUNTING?! A little bit, but it’s equally as delicious and delightful.

Docetism – who has released projects across some of my favorite labels in the past (Silent Season, Rohs! Records) is no stranger to the dub techno scene, boasting a sprawling catalog of full lengths, EP’s and singles. It’s no wonder long time label partner Nichts would aim to give listeners a crash course per-say. As stated on the releases bandcamp page, for a new listener it’s “A good place to start”.

The sounds themselves are pure dub-techno bliss. Docetism presents a distinct voice and flavor however, often utilizing much more movement in chords and progressions than others working in the genre. Raw musicality blends perfectly with the subtle palette of sounds and instrumentation, especially on tracks like Hedera Helix [Golden Bough] or Requiem [Armenia].

Tracks leap in and out of textural ambient and modern classical ideas, all very much welcome in context, eventually leading the listener back to a healthy groove. Out of the two collections I would say I have listened to “Trees” more, but there is plenty of quality to be found in both albums. The kicker? Nichts is offering these both at name-your-own-price, so if you want a nice place to start your dub-techno collection look no futher!

Fresh Batch – July 22nd, 2019


Happy Monday you sneaky goombas! We are back at it with a list of fresh curiosities! Not as thicc you say? PERHAPS! But the proof is in the pudding people, and this pudding is hot and ready for you! Lots of steamy vapor fresh off the roller, activate your 7-eleven app now for amazing rewards!


July 26 – Mellowtation, by &aute&rom (Millennium Jazz Music) Neo-Soul
July 26 – Home, by Storm Ross (Already Dead Tapes) Psychedelic


A Garden Everywhere You Go, by Birdspotter
Released by Z Tapes Records
Indie / Lofi / Bedroom Pop

Yeomyeong, by
Self Released
Techno / Nature / Electronic

曇りperspective, by 主催者sponsoredby
Released by BOGUS//Collective
Vaporwave / Funk / Lounge

𝔾𝕠𝕕𝕕𝕖𝕤𝕤, by ᔕᙡᓮᙢ ᔕᗢᘎᒪᔕ
Released by Business Casual
New Age / Synthwave / Post Vaporwave

Universal Healthcare, by ⊛ われらは平和に来る≌≟ SUNSHINE STATE SECURITY
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Lofi Funk / Vaporwave / Outsider Ambient

From Dust To Space, by Dusty Shape & Space Scavengers
Released by Cold Tear Records
Dub Techno / Electronic / Ambient


Our Label branch – WEBELOTRAX – recently released projects:

Rainbow Smooth Remixes, by Ohsaurus & Friends
Bass / Electronic / Experimental

Alexi Ayres – Tsuki no Usagi [月の兎]

Thirteen Years, by MLDVR


Australian producer M L D V R returns to us with the follow-up to Four Months EP with part II of III – Thirteen Years. This round we find M L D V R further embracing longform composition, with each of the tracks hovering around 10 minutes, giving plenty of time for sonic exploration. Starting off with an acid house banger that sets the mood of a strange smoke filled warehouse, onto a spooky car ride through the deserted backroads, and ending with a 2am swim in a pixelated cyber lake. Enjoying the work of this producer more and more, extremely excited to hear what is in store for the final chapter – and of course still crossing my fingers for Tapes to be released eventually…

Fresh Batch – July 15th, 2019


Hello music lovers, it’s a pleasure to see you again as always. Summer is in full swing it seems, made very clear by the sounds emanating from the scene. Warm melodies and relaxed energy, something I like to call mellowhype – a calm vibe that is somehow packed full of excitement! Whether you need some poolside chill or something tasty for your next BBQ, there’s plenty of new sounds to suit your needs…


July 19 – Krakatoa, by Fahmi Mursyid (Cudighi Records) Electroacoustic
July 19 – Wildlife, by Warmth (Archives) Lush Ambient
July 26 – Lift, by Supply Fi (Triplicate Records) Experimental Electronic
August 23 – Paths, by Darren Harper (Shimmering Moods Records) Ambient
September 2 – Visitors, by Edit Select (Self Released) Atmospheric Techno


Dreamland EP, by Zakku
Released by Seikomart
Future Bass / Chiptune / Experimental

Alive in Leeds and Sheffield, by Bing Satellites
Self Released
Ambient / Shoegaze / Live

Bieszczady, by Docetism
Released by Nichts
Field Recording / Ambient / Lush

Distance, by Tender H
Released by Cold Tear Records
Dub Techno / Electronic / Atmospheric

22nd Century Music Genre Index, by Seafoam Xpresso
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Lofi / Vaporwave / Future Funk

The Journey EP, by Mecca:83
Self Released
Beats / Chillhop / Lofi

Vintage Software Synthesizer Library, by other_Format
Released by Recycled Plastics
Acid / Electronics / Braindance

Self Titled, by ya mai mo
Released by White Paddy Mountain
Lofi Rock / Folk / Indie

Now, by Baphomet Nothing
Released by Girly Girl Musik
Experimental / Modern Classical / Drone

The Scientist / Electric Feeling [PLUS], by Nova Dive
Released by Illuminated Paths
Post-Vaporwave / Lofi Beats / Electronic


Our Label branch – WEBELOTRAX – recently released projects:

Hikikomori, by ASVMR
Bass / Electronic / Experimental

Moving On, by Schulz Audio


Fresh and flourishing dub-techno sounds from Schulz Audio, brought to us by Kopoc Label out of Spain. The 4 track EP packs a subtle punch – chilled rhythms and mellow synths pluck here and there, maintaining a nice causal energy. It’s pretty lighthearted as well – not overwhelmingly melodic, but also not falling into the doom-dub pit. Kopoc always brings some nice sounds to the table, and with Moving On being available at name-your-own-price, it’s impossible not to recommend!

Fresh Batch – July 8th, 2019


Another happy Monday to everyone out there, poking around the internet searching for that nugget of sonic goodness. Well we are here to present you with another roundup of recently released tunes from the underground – as always spanning many subgenres and communities from all over the world. The energy this summer is buzzing through the atmosphere as creativity flourishes all around us… Lets take a trip into the minds of some artists and explore the worlds they create!


July 12th – Hikikomori, by ASVMR (Webelotrax) Experimental Electronic
July 12th – Fuck Lungs ‘2TH’ (Already Dead Tapes) Experimental Jazz
July 19th – Backwater Revisited, by Halftribe (Dronarivm) Electroacoustic
August 1st – Forest Thoughts, by OVOD (Self Released) Dark Ambient


Hysterical Air, by Dino Felipe & Vitamin Wig C
Released by Illuminated Paths
Lofi / Weirdwave / Fun

Pink Secrets, by Twin Galaxxies
Released by Business Casual
Chillwave / Future Funk / Vaporwave

Best Lemon Torpedo, by Two Pixels Above
Released by Subject Lost
Techno / Abstract / Atmospheric

Chroma Advanced, by Omega
Released by Polyrhythmium
Drone / Tape Loops / Atmospheric

Yoga Drizzle, by Lunar Cambridge
Released by Webelotrax
Synthwave / Vacation / Post-Vaporwave

P S I L 0 STORE, by 미확인동물ologist
Released by BOGUS // Collective
Mallsoft / Vaporwave / Late Night

ʟɪᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ, by jodövade
Released by Holloway Tapes
Post-Vapor / Lofi / Beats

FRESH BATCH – June 24th, 2019


Hey-ho there music peoples! You are here because you desire only the finest in sonic oddities! Well boy howdy do we have a batch for you – a bundle if you will! A bindle? Perhaps! A plethora of vibes await you – with large and lush atmospheres! A few long-form features this week, and a ton of music that dropped over the weekend….

Botanica Onirica VOL 1, by S Oliwa
Self Released
Ambient / Drone / Synth

Mid Evil, by Arena
Released by Seikomart
Electronic / Jazz Fusion / Experimental

Tingeing, by Michael Hix
Self Released
Ambient / Relaxing / Modern Classical

Green Compost, by Coppice Halifax
Released by Milieu Music
Techno / Minimal / Drone

Nostalgia Comedown, by Jack Mackrel & The Muddy Skids
Released by Girly Girl Musik
Freak Folk / Experimental / Post Vaporwave

Released by Bogus Collective
Vaporwave / Cyberpunk / Spoken Word

Habitat Debris, by Mind over MIDI
Released by Rohs! Records
Soundscape / Ambient / Drone

Synapse, by Organit
Self Released
Dub Techno / Deep House / Electronic

Pushing Back, by New Pollution
Self Released
Dance Punk / Indie / Experimental Rock

Antimatter Mirror, by Halogen Star


From Vivarium Recordings comes a blissful and contemplative new release by Halogen Star titled Antimatter Mirror. A followup to Aprils Elysian Ascension – this 10 track project dances around the concepts of minimal ambient techno and vapordrone – never overstaying its welcome in any particular vibe.

There is quite the impressive subtlety in Halogen Stars music, making close and repeat listens incredible rewarding. Delicate synths and textures do their best to sneak past you the first time, revealing themselves and all their glory only to those who inspect close enough!