Hypnotist, by Toxic Chicken

Hypnotist is a mellow IDM experience from producer Toxic Chicken, presented by Earthrid.

The 9 track project dances around experimental styles, touching on bit-crushed beats and melodic ambient atmospherics, all tied together by warm electronics. Pounding acid synths sit comfortably next to swooping fuzzy pads as the songs hop along.

There is an interesting overall energy to the album – at times becoming quite rowdy and avant-garde, yet maintaining a firm grounded feeling. The result is a very accessible experimental album – perfect for new ears to this type of freeform experimental electronic sound. With its playful diversity and satisfying and subtly melancholy undertones, this one should definitely be in your listening queue!

Encounter Vast, by Bro Biden

I was very excited to find a new release from Vivarium Recordings in my feed – I recognized the name Bro Biden instantly and hopped over to the band camp page. When I arrived, before I could click play, I discovered another blurb had already been written – while not exactly high praise, the final words of the author read “good luck“. I read this and immediately took it as a challenge. What could be inside that is so gnarly that it would warrant such a warning? Intrigued, I dove in, and what I discovered was a nearly bottomless pool of beautiful creativity.

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Grow Up, by kiwii


Nice new sounds from the family at DMT Tapes – Grow Up is an album by producer kiwii with big nostalgic lo-fi energy. Lots of sounds and samples reminiscent of N64 game OST’s much like the album artwork implies. I am not familiar enough with the music of the Zelda games to know if the music on this album is a direct re-interpretation or sampled direct, or simply inspired by, but either way it’s very satisfying and works perfectly as alternate music to any RPG you might be playing! Lots of delicious atmosphere and riffs here to latch onto, often times i found myself smiling at this wistful nature of the sounds, swirling innocently around me as I explore…



Fresh from the well-oiled machine that is DMT Tapes FL comes this luscious 4-track of slurpy hydration tunes. Seafoam by INDIGO / CORAL / SEAFOAM – part of a conceptual project, the first chapter of which you can find here – the release has big washed-out retro vibes and that heavenly DMT sonic distortion I love so much!

Lush and foamy, crushed and delicious – conjuring visions of the golden coast of candyland, with sandy sweets underneath your feet. Brief yet utterly satisfying, like a morning visit to the beach. Sea Spray (Not to be Confused With…) has got to be my favorite track, it’s like lathering on some luxurious glitter soap and having a relaxing soak….



BOGUS//Collective recently released this gem NOVAGREENHOUSE, a delicious long-form mallsoft ambient project with hints of vapor bliss. Over 20 minutes of sprawling sound, you can HEAR nature growing around you as time slows down. Healthy plunderphonics here with a plethora of subtle soundscapes being built around harmonious bird chirps and muzak playing through tiny distant speakers. It’s a lush and rich atmosphere that leaves me feeling totally immersed. I really REALLY hope this one sees a cassette release one way or another…