Spastic and melodic chopped chords warmly greet me at the front door of this record. I am met by beautifully arranged vocals, interesting instrumentation and overall psychedelic goodness. This morning I am listening to AIRLESS by group THE PAST, an 8 track record released by Montréal imprint Jeunesse Cosmique on May 13th, 2014.


AIRLESS by The Past is a lethargic orb of ambient pop beauty. Spinning webs of psychedelic wonder by means of soft and lush vocals, churning guitar chords and rhythms swirl the listener into a relaxed state of wonder. Colors and images fly through my head as I play down through this excellent album. Song styles drift back and forth flawlessly from glowing experimental pop to lush ambient/drone, and both styles are pulled off with ease by The Past. The lazy pop feeling really settles in by the 2nd or 3rd track, and by that time I was sold on the whole thing.

The songs on this record are microcosms of pop and drone joy; each self-sustaining with plenty of floating chords and low frequencies churning us along at a steady tempo. I have to give credit that NOTHING sounds out of place, the idea and vibe was totally recognized by the musicians creating a very pleasing listening experience.

All in all, this album is pretty damn delicious. Some favorite tracks of mine are “Sometimes I Feel Like” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, these are perfect feel-good summer songs. Whether you are having a lazy morning or a nice afternoon drive, this album can serve as the perfect low key soundtrack for your day. You can download the album for free or purchase a Cassette Tape edition from the Labels bandcamp page

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